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1939 Look Up Please.


Born & Bred Brummie
Hi & Good Evening.

Would SKS please be kind enough to look up my mother on the 1939 Registration?

1939 Register Transcription (Preview)
Russell Household Nottingham C.B., Nottinghamshire, England
First name(s)
Last name(s) Birth year
Kathleen M Bullock 1924
Albert Russell and 2 more people are on this record
1 more person who is officially closed

Never been able to find mom before as her real name was Mary Kathleen Cruxton, but there is a possibility mom was working as a Nanny for a doctor in Nottingham at the outbreak of war.

Many thanks dibs.


master brummie
Hello dibs, the only record for the 30's are the Electoral Registers, and this Forum is concerned with Birmingham and near locations in Warwickshire.

The Electoral Registers are on line for our Area, not sure about Notts.
Good luck with your searches.


Staff member
hi di dont forget we now have access to the 1939 eve of war register..i now know that my nan was in stratford at that time as a evacuee and heavily pregnant ..just printed off a copy of all the details..:)

lyn x


Staff member
di i think its only find my past who have the 1939 register..if you have a full subscription you have unlimited access but i think you can buy credits for individual searches which can work out very expensive..



master brummie
Hi Lyn, yes it can be expensive buying credit on Find My Past, I used to have a subscription until most of what I bought on the site became available on Ancestry, to which I subscribe.
As I know where we all were in '39 I can pass on that one!!