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1891 GARRATT look-up


proper brummie kid

I have a Harry Garratt who was born in 1885/86 in Birmingham (calculated from his age at death). I would love to know who his parents/siblings were and where he lived in 1891. I do have the 1881 census but not knowing his parents names this is of little use. Any help would be most welcome.

Many thanks


master brummie

There's a Harry Garratt (b1887) living in Church Lane, in Aston in 1891. Parents Alfred and Ann, and 2 younger brothers Alfred and William. You can see that on FreeCEN.

And on familysearch there's a Henry Garratt, christened on 30th Jan 1887, Birmingham (no church listed) son of Alfred and Annie.


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The only Harry Garratt I can find born around that time
Harry Garratt birth registered March 1882

1891 Park Lane All Saints birmingham

Isaiah Garratt age 46 widower (his wife Betsy nee Jerome died in 1886)
Louisa 19
Betsy 18
Annie R 16
William F 14
Harriet 12
Edwrd 10
Harry 9
Nellie 6

1901 Park Road
the head of the house is Annie R Garratt age 26
Edward 20
Harry 18
Nellie 16

Harry married Nellie Fennell
1911 33 Musgrave Road, Winson Green
Harry Garratt age 29
Nellie age 25
Harry 3
William 1
Nellie 9 months

they went on to have
George 1912
May 1914
Leonard 1916
Frederick 1919
John 1920.
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proper brummie kid
Many thanks for taking the time and trouble to respond to my posting. I think the Harry born in 1887 looks to be
my best bet. The entry shows he was born in Aston whereas the freebmd entry shows his birth was registered in King's
Norton. Is that feasible? Lots of work to do on this one - will try to follow the family through the censuses - thanking
you both for the help you have given.

Kindest regards


master brummie
There's a Henry Garratt registered Mar 1887 in Aston, which I think is more likely to correspond with the one I mentioned (Henry and Harry being interchangeable). Though I'd like more info to be certain that he was the one you're looking for.


proper brummie kid
Hi MWS - thanks again for your comments. 'My' Harry married as Harry and died as Harry so I believe that was his given name rather than Henry. Not
sure how I can 'solve' this other than to get his marriage certificate and find out his father's name.



proper brummie kid
That's bad news for me! Definitely need to get the marriage certificate for his father's name. Thanks again for your help.