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1891 census Samuel Shakeshaft - Aston


Brummie babby
please can someone decipher the name of the road that this family are living on in the 1891 census Samuel Shakeshaft born 1848 in Lyme Cheshire and wife Jessy with family in Aston, Nechelles. I’ve looked at the previous and following pages to see if it was written any clearer but struggling? looks like Hutton st, Hatton St maybe but can’t find ref to those roads anywhere on google either. Thank you


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The first page of this census entry lists the names of the streets.and Hutton street and Addison street are on the list so is Chattaway Street and Malvern hill road.
The next street to be enumerated after Samuels entry is Addison street.
You will find Addison street , Chattaway street and Malvern hill Road in Nechells listed on the 1891 as Duddeston.
Hutton street was possibly a victim of regeneration.
EDIT sorry posted just after mike.