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1881 look up please - john leaver/lever


master brummie
Regarding my earlier post re the MACDONALDS in 1881

In the 1851 census
William Leaver born 1808 Bham - cordwainer
Sarah Leaver B1810 bham - boot binder
Joseph leaver b1832 son Bham - metal roller
William Leaver b1834 son bham - metal roller
Henry Leaver b1837 son Bham - metal roller
Mary Ann Leaver B1843 daughter Bham
John Leaver B1848 Bham
Living at 28 Little Ann St

Marriage on IGI of Sarah MACDONALD to William Leaver 31 Dec 1830 ST Martins

Could Sarah have had a momentary memory lapse when giving her name to the enumerator in 1881? :)

Thanks Suzanne
I have got all of this information. The Mary Ann mentioned here is John's sister.


master brummie
That could well be it :)

If you follow fowards, in 1861, at 3 court 10 Milk Street
Sarah 50, is a widow, coffin nail maker [1881 Sarah MacDonald is formerly coffin nail blacker - too much of a cooincidence?!]
Charles Henry, son
Eliza J daughter-in-law
John, 13, chair polisher
Joseph, grandson age 2
Charles Henry, grandson, age 2

Looking for William's death, there are 3 possible deaths for William Leaver, Q4 1854 (Aston), Q3 1857 (Birmingham) and Q3 1859 (Birmingham). There is also a death of William Henry Leaver Q3 1860 (Birmingham)
Thanks again leslam
This is all correct. William Henry who died in 1860 is the one - my great grandfather.


Brummie by marriage
My opinion, therefore, would be that the Sarah MacDonald entry that Suzanne has found for 1881 is therefore likely to be the entry for Leaver (nee MacDonald). Heavens know why MacDonald was given to the enumerator - but it wouldn't be the first time that I've found someone giving an inaccurate name for a census (or even in my case on a death certificate - later recified!). It may be worth getting Sarah's death cert to see who the informant was......


master brummie
The nearest I can find is a Sarah, John, & Mary A MACDONALD. All ages and birth places fit and John is a Coal Heaver, married but no wife present living at Ingleby Street.

Oh dear, they don't want to be found do they:)

Hi Suzanne
I have just looked at the census record that you found (well done you, Macdonald is sarah's maiden name). I wonder if they used that name because they were hiding out from Julia or, as I can't find a death for Julia, did they bury her and were on the run from the law.
The mystery deepens!!!
I think I need to look at newspapers - would I be able to do that online do you know?



Ex-pat Brummie

Well I'm not a magician - I can only tell you how to search some newspapers for free! :D

Maurice :cool: