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1881 Census - Srawley Family


master brummie
Could someone do an 1881 Census lookup for my ancestors the Srawley family please.

At this time, the family would have been:
* Henry Charles Srawley, head, aged 35.
* Harriett Srawley, wife, aged 32.
* Henry Srawley, son, aged 7.
* Harriett L Srawley, daughter, aged 4.
* James R Srawley, son, aged 3.

In the 1891 Census, they were in Bolton Road, Bordesley, Birmingham (although by that time, Henry Charles had died & his wife Harriett was the head of the household). In 1861, when Henry Charles was 15, I think his family lived in Bradford Row, Bradford Street, Birmingham so I would have thought that there is a good possibility that they were in Birmingham in 1881.

Thanks for your help.


true brummie
in 1881 living 148 bolton rd. bordesley, bham

henry c srawley (transcribed lawley) 35 lamp ??? maker b.bham
harriett srawley 32 b.bham
harry 7 b. aston, harriett L. 4 b. aston, james A. 2 b.bham


master brummie
Hi Lancaster, can't see anything immediately for 1881, but in 1891, Henry Charles was still alive - death in 1899 -which meant Harriet was head of house in 1901 census (not 1891, as you said)
In 1901 the address was 173 Bolton Road Bordesley and occupants were
Harriet Head Age 52
William age 17
Samuel age 16 warehouse clerk
John age 14 errand boy
Eliza Tucker 27 boarder Cycle machinist
Sarah Tomlin age 62 widow lodger seamstress

In 1891
Henry Charles Srawley Head age 45 Lamp maker
Harriet Wife age 42
Harry Son age 17 Engineering
Harriet Daug age 14 Warehouseworker
James Son age 13 Scholar
William " age 7 "
Samuel " age 6 "
John " age 4


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Henry Srawley was listed in Kellys at 148 bolton road (as hardware dealer) 1878-1884. From 1888 he is listed at 331 bolton road. But the numbering was changed from consecutive to (odd one side of the road- even the other) in that intervening period, and I think it is the same building. If not, then it must be the building next door. (The comment I made about the road not being renumbered in another thread was referring to the period 1890-1900.)


master brummie
Thanks to all of you for your replies.

Shera - I was unable to find the Srawleys myself but I hadn't thought of "Lawley" as a possible mis-transcription! Thanks for cracking it for me.

Sistersue61 - you're right, Henry Charles did die in 1899 so he was in the 1891 Census but not the 1901. My mistake.

Mike - thanks for the comment about the renumbering. I'll have a look at the maps in Birmingham Library to see if I can confirm whether 148 & 331 Bolton Road are the same building.


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I don't think there are any large scale maps pre about 1888. The directories , however show;
13 Moreton Joseph, boot maker
. . . . here is Butler street south ....
. .here are Lawden §• Oakley roads..
144 Hartley Job, contractor
145 King Edward, butcher
148 Srawley Hy. Chas. hardware dealer
149 Cutler Thomas, linen draper
here is Oakley road
325 Endsor Seymour, tobacconist
327 Credgington Robert, hair dresser
329 Goodman William Hy. greengrocer
331 Srawley Henry Chas. hardware dlr
133 Groves Edward, butcher
and counting houses back from Golden hillock would also indicate that they are the same


master brummie

Thanks for your help.

It's interesting to see how the traders occupying the properties around my great grandfathers hardware business all changed within only four years. Perhaps he wasn't a very good neighbour!