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1861 Mary Bannister


proper brummie kid
Can anyone help me locate a Mary Bannister on 1861 census. She was born c 1844 Sedgley. I have the rest of Mary's family but not Mary.
Thanks Maggie


proper brummie kid
Hi Chris
Marys parents were Henry b c 1815 mother Mary bc 1815.

I have some census details for these, they were with Mary jnrs siblings Thomas 13, Jane 9, Charlotte 4 and I have - No1 and what I think is Court then 1 house, St Paul, Birmingham. Sorry to be quite sketchy but this is all I have at the moment. The only thing I know is that Mary married in Liverpool in 1864 but I can't at the moment find her there either.
Thanks Maggie


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Thanks, Maggie. I have a Bannister line but unfortunately your names don't tie in. It seems that the family name was a common one in the Black Country and there wasn't too much imagination in the naming of children!



gone but not forgotten
Hi maggiesgirl
have you looked at the bannister family living in cromwell terrace lichfielkd rd aston birmingham 6
during the early 1900s and the 1946 to about the 1953--4 period
i think it was about number 3; or 4 in the terrace ; i think it was called cromwell square in some of the cenus,s
as we lived at number 5/ 92 up that terrace and there was a mother and daughter living there
they had a sign on there side of the front door all made up of sea shells
and it was large sea shells which read ; jesus saves i think they attended the meth; church on lichfield rd
which was between the shops just passed mr whetons sweet shop as i recall and just short of old mans taylors toy shop ;
have a nice day ; i myself are off to brean today for the week;
best wishes alan ; astonian


proper brummie kid
Hi Alan
No I haven't but it certainly something for me to have a look indepth at I think. I am just about up to the 1890's with census results etc so I have a long way to go yet, but thank you for that, this is most interesting not just the family details but the picture you are helping me to build up of the area. Thanks so much Alan, I hope you have a lovely week at Brean.