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1861 Look up please for Lowe


Number 10

I'm looking for William Lowe born abt. 1831 in Aston, Birmingham. Sorry can't help with names of parents.

Thank you


true brummie
1861 dartmouth st. aston

william lowe 30 labourer chemical b.bham
ellen 27 b. halesowen worc.
fanny 7 b.bham
mary a. 1 b.bham

alice harrop lodger 24.


true brummie
1851 essex st bham

william lowe 42 coachsmith b.bham
sarah 43 b.bham
william 20, james 18, george 16, elizabeth 14, edwin 12, mary 10, jane 6, eliza 1, john 3mths.


true brummie
1841 bromsgrove st. bham

william lowe 30 blacksmith
sarah lowe 30
william 10, james 9, george 7, elizabeth 5, edwin 3, mary 4mths.


true brummie
baptism at st. martins

william lowe born 4 march 1831 bap. 28 march 1831 parents william and sarah lowe . bromsgrove st. coach furniture maker
james lowe born 14 dec 1832 bap. 21 jan 1833 parents william and sarah lowe. bromsgrove st. coach harness maker
george lowe born 26 dec 1834 bap. 27 mar 1837 parents william and sarah. bromsgrove st. harness maker
elizabeth lowe born 15 jan 1837 bap 27 mar 1837 as above