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1861 census William Crowley


knowlegable brummie
could I get a census look up for 1861 please address etc
William Crowley @1819 born in Birmingham
married to Mary Meavous @1835 Birmingham

thanks in advance
Mandy x


master brummie
At the moment the only William Crowley born 1819 in Birmingham seems to be married to an Ann. They have several children - do you know the names of any to see if it is a match?


master brummie
I have now located a marriage for William and Mary in 1835 at Handsworth church of St Mary. He signed the register but she made a mark.
There is also a baptism of a William Crowley on 4 Oct 1819 son of John and Maria at St Phillips.

I can't find him on the 1861 census but he is on the 1871. As there are less people listed in 1861 he may not be there.



knowlegable brummie
Thanks all
Janice Any chance I could see info you have found on 1871 census

William & Mary's children
Richard Crowley my g g grandad who married Fanny Beardmore
i believe there is also
Charles Crowley

not sure of any more at this stage sorry

thanks again x


master brummie
I am not sure if I am supposed to attach copies of the census or not so hopefully someone will let me know. In the meantime this is what it says:

Address looks like 46 Holt Street, Aston.
The family is:
William Crowley aged 52 coach maker
Wife Mary aged 36 (that is obviously wrong and looks as if 56 was crossed out but it does say wife).
Richard aged 25 a harness dresser
Frances (girl) also aged 25
Mary aged 14 scholar
Elizabeth aged 12 listed as a nurse (at least that is what it looks like)
Thomas aged 10 scholar
George aged 6 scholar

Let me know if you want me to look on later censuses.


Born a Brummie
I have found William with Mary on the 1841 census age 25yrs and there are 2 children Richard age 5yrs and Charles age 5mths. living at Exeter Row also with them is Ann MAVIS (note the spelling) age 67yrs. William is a Coach Harness Maker.

In 1851 they are living at Court 4 no 2 Trent Street with Richard son age 15 and Ann daughter age 5yrs.

In 1861 Richard & Fanny both age 25yrs were living at 13 CROWLEY COURT High Street Deritend with daughter age 4yrs.

1871 William age 52y & Mary age 36y are living at 46 Holt Street with Richard 25y (s) Harness Dresser FRANCES 25y (listed as daughter) Mary 14y (dau) scholar, Elizabeth (dau) 12y NURSE (!), Thomas (s)10y & George (s) 6y. (note what are surely errors age of Mary & occupation of Elizabeth)

1881 at 138 & 139 Scholefield St. Nechells
Richard (h) age 44 Coach Harness Dresser.
Fanny (w) age 44
Elizabeth (d) age 24 Iron piercer.
Thomas (s) age 19 Brass Dresser.
George (s) age 16 Wire maker.
William (father) age 65 Coach Harness Dresser.
Mary (mother) age 62
Mary Jane (sister) age 24 Iron Worker.
Joseph Howell (brother in law) age 37 Edge Tool Worker.
Emily Howell (niece) age 18 Iron Piercer.

1891 41 Lord street Nechells.
Mary (Head) (widow) age 73yrs Living on her own means.
Richard (son) (widower) age 55yrs Coach Harness dresser.
Mary J (dau) age 34yrs Iron Sorter.
William (grandson) age 29yrs Coach Harness Dresser.
Thomas " " 2yrs.

Mary CROWLEY a death in 1898 Aston age 80yrs 6d 223.
William Crowley a death in 1887 Aston age 71yrs 6d 190.

But I cannot find them in 1861 but I will keep looking


knowlegable brummie
That's excellent thank you everyone its very much appreciated everything appears to connect to the 1891 & 1881 that I have and they match your finds.
So its not just me that can't find 1861 phewww!!!

Once again