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11 Sherlock Street


Gone, but not forgotten.
The photo is of the north side of Sherlock St looking toward town, the next road junction on the same side as The Woodman would be Lower Essex St.


master brummie
One part of the family were all butchers working in the market. Sherlock St would have been handy for them then I would imagine. And Ashtead Row. The others were either publicans or worked in shops.


master brummie
I wonder what the pub is Carolina? Love the cars and the wonk Belisha beacons. And the lamps. That chimney staakc looks dodgy. I Googled sherlock Street now and the old map Mike sent me a while ago with 57 highligted in blue. On the old map Sherlock St appears to coinue instead of curving to the right am I correct. Skinner St or Lane now stops after it bends. Nico[/QUOT]

Nico sorry for delay, it says The Woodman. Carol


master brummie
I see. Did it used to go straight on after the bend? Before your time of course. Heading past your way tomorrow, to Shropshire.

Julia Jones

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My three times great grandfather was a baker in Sherlock Street. His name was Edward Fort Beesley and he was working there in 1848. Can anyone tell me where to go for more information please.


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Julia , I haven't been able to find Edward on the 1851 census but in 1841 he is with his mother in cheltenham
he was in fact born in dudley
Harriot Beesley age 30 Tailoress not born in gloucs (in further census she says born Eckington Staffs.
Emma beesley age 7 not born in gloucs in further census she says born Dudley.
Edward age 6 not born in Gloucs
Henry 2months b cheltenham
their father Henry Beesley died in cheltenham Dec 1840.

Henry Beesley married Harriett Haywood ,21st june 1832 St Martins Birmingham.

Emma Haywood Beesley baptised St Thomas dudley 5th October 1834 parents Henry and Harriett.
Edward Fort Beesley born 27th June,1835 baptised 7th May.1837 st Thomas Dudley parents Henry and Harriett.
There was a daughter Sarah Beaumont Beesley born 28th Jan 1837 baptised on the same day as Edward.parents henry and Harriett
She is not on the 1841 census and there is a death of a Sarah Beesley in Cheltenham in 1838.

Edward Fort Beesley married Amelia Elizabeth Smith ,25th August 1858 St Martin Birmingham(although the BMD index has him as Edward Frederick)

1861 Sherborne street
Edward Beesley age 25 b Cheltenham , Baker (i suppose that Edward would have thought that Cheltenham was his birthplace. having lived there from childhood)
Amelia age 20 b Birmingham
Edward Henry age 1 month
Henry Beesley age20 b Cheltenham , brother, Baker
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Julia Jones

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That's absolutely brilliant, thank you. I am new to all this and at times seem to be going round in circles. Your help is SO much appreciated.


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My grandfather jacob Winter lived at 11 Sherlock Street from around 1918-1926. It was a four storey building including a tailoring factory and the family lived on the 4th floor.
I was wondering what Kellys and the electoral roll told about the occupants from around 1918-1926.
Thanks in advance,
Would number 10 have been a similar property? As I've found a census entry for 1901 which has a family connection.


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No 10 sherlock st was on the opposite side of the road and is not listed in Kellys for 1903 (which would refer to 1902)


master brummie
Hello Debbie. That's interesting. When was that please? That's coming nearer to 'my' number 57. Which was a confectioners in 1914.