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  1. Vixen

    World War 2 look up

    Is someone with military record access able to see if they can find some records for my grandad George Hadley. George Hadley was born on 8 February 1924, his father was John william hadley 6th Dec 1892/3 and his mother, May Elizabeth Johns 1896. He married Vera Swinden in January 1951 in...
  2. H

    Gt Hampton Street During Ww2

    Hi, Does anyone have any information about the work carried out at Lucas Ind during the Second World War? I understand that it was classified as a 'munitions factory'. A campaign has been launched by Bill Wiggin MP to recognise the munitions factory workers of WW1 and WW2 and any information...
  3. S

    BBC Events Seek First-hand Stories from WW2

    Hello Members, My name is Samantha Williams and I'm an assistant producer working for BBC Events, we are producing a concert to commemorate the 70th anniversary of VE Day, the concert will take place at Horse Guards Parade on 9th May 2015. During the concert we will be showing a series of short...
  4. M

    Workplace memorials

    I'm wondering if there is or was a roll of honour at Wright's Ropes and Newton Shakespeare? The latter would have been for the Second World War, I think. I know that some of these memorials were destroyed, which is beyond belief. maria
  5. G

    Walter Lea WW2

    This is a picture of a man named Walter Lea who my grandmother knew during the war and this is one of the only pictures she has of him. He was from Birmingham and served in Essen Germany after the end of WW2. I am extremely interested to learn more about this gentleman. Any help or advice on...
  6. N

    Did army enlistment take place in Bishopsgate St. B'ham in Dec 1941?

    Hello, Please can anyone tell me where men were enlisted (volunteers or conscripts) in Birmingham in December 1941? My dad (Bernard Charles Ameghino) said he was conscripted in Bishopsgate Street. (I can't ask him for information now - sadly he died in 2001.) He joined the 60th Training...
  7. K

    james fox london gazette 1945

    does anyone know how to get a look at the london gazette 29 nov 1945? i am trying to find out more about my mums adopted dad (my nans 2nd husband) i have lots of photos he sent my nan from the desert inc ones when churchill was addressing them. but i dont actually know what they did.:confused:he...