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  1. J

    Seeking information about a tram accident - 1941

    Hello, I am searching for any information about a tram accident that sadly killed my great-grandfather in 1941. The death certificate for my great-grandfather, Arthur John Hand (6 Mar 1896 - 4 Dec 1941) states "Died at Birmingham General Hospital of: cardiac failure as a result of a fracture...
  2. ellbrown

    West Midlands Metro trams going blue 2019

    Some recent photos of West Midlands Metro trams that have been given a new blue livery. Tram 17 on Bull Street Tram 37 leaving Grand Central Tram Stop on Stephenson Street. It may have lost the Ozzy Osbourne name.
  3. H

    Highgate Rd Tram and Bus Garage

    I managed to get this photo https://www.flickr.com/photos/transport_photos/5957804916/in/photostream before the shutters came down of the the former Tram 1913--Jan 1937 and Bus Garage June 1937---1962 what may be of interest is that the roof has now gone but is soon to be replaced...
  4. H

    The Former Miller St Tram Shed is up for Sale

    The former Miller St tram shed is now up for sale, the area covered is 1.75 acres, I would think that it does not include the foremer PW department as this is being used a the driver training school, Before you put your bid in on the building there are one or two thing to know, the building...
  5. H

    Highgate Road the former B.C.T. Tram and Bus Garage

    I managed to get a photo of the inside of the former Highgate Road B.C.T. Tram and Bus garage they are at https://my.bus.photos.fotopic.net/p54659450.html and https://my.bus.photos.fotopic.net/p54659451.html As you look at the first photo to the left you will see a set of steel steps these...