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  1. throstle

    Trunks, Hinges, Flowers & A Drum

    All: Attached is a photo which shows the employees of a metalworking factory where many of my ancestors worked and lived. Indeed, several of my ancestors are probably in this photo but I don't know who and probably never will. It was taken on Hanley Street in Birmingham and the company was...
  2. throstle

    Ames, Stokes Stevens Of Hanley Street

    Between 1871 - 1901 a set of Parkes ancestors lived on Hanley Street in Birmingham. Hanley St. still survives but, obviously, the slums of yesteryear have long gone. Address-wise they're listed anywhere from 26 - 37 Hanley Street and are as follows: Parents * Eliza Parkes/Weldin/Stokes (this is...
  3. D

    Harrison Jewellers in Birmingham and Handsworth

    I am researching my Harrison links in Birmingham and I would be grateful and interested in any information on the family: My four-times Great-Grandfather is Henry Harrison (1786, Birmingham and died 1864, Handsworth) married Sarah (1791, Birmingham and died 1856, Handsworth). Henry was a...
  4. K

    Fairfield House School

    I have attached a school photo of my father -in-law at Fairfield House School in about 1913. Can anyone give me any more information about the place ? I believe it was in Church Road , Yardley, which was where he lived. Does anywhere hold archives of such schools ? I imagine it was a private...
  5. K

    A. Stokes & Co - Legge Street, Birdcage Manufacturers

    I'm trying to find out more information on A. Stokes & Co, metallic birdcage manufacturers of 75 Legge Street, Gosta Green. They operated from at least as early as 1890 until the 1960s (judging by phone book entries). They were initially run by Alfred Stokes who later took his brother George...