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  1. throstle

    Trunks, Hinges, Flowers & A Drum

    All: Attached is a photo which shows the employees of a metalworking factory where many of my ancestors worked and lived. Indeed, several of my ancestors are probably in this photo but I don't know who and probably never will. It was taken on Hanley Street in Birmingham and the company was...
  2. throstle

    Ames, Stokes Stevens Of Hanley Street

    Between 1871 - 1901 a set of Parkes ancestors lived on Hanley Street in Birmingham. Hanley St. still survives but, obviously, the slums of yesteryear have long gone. Address-wise they're listed anywhere from 26 - 37 Hanley Street and are as follows: Parents * Eliza Parkes/Weldin/Stokes (this is...