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    Girls' Brigade And Air Cadets - Girls Venture Corps

    Looking for past members to share their memories of their time in The 14th Birmingham Girls' Life Brigade/Girls' Brigade at The People's Chapel, Great King Street, Hockley. Also a linked company in Kingstanding, John Bunyan Hall.
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    Council housing estate within College Rd Kingstanding Rd and Hawthorne road triangle

    I'm trying to put a name to the council estate built in the later part of the 1920's within the triangle formed by College Road, Kingstanding Road, and Hawthorne Road. The estate was built around the same time as the adjacent Witton Lodge Farm (Perry Common) estate. Both pre date the main pulse...
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    A biography of my sister Hazel Christian can be viewed on www.hazelmysister.hpage.com. This contains references to her life in Lozells, Handsworth & Kingstanding, before she moved to Worcestershire in later life. Hazel was born in 1928 and died in 2009, aged eighty. Edit - unfortunately the...
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    Birmingham History Galleries: Do you have a suburban story? (oral history projects)

    Hello As part of the development of the new Birmingham history galleries which will open in autumn 2012 at Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery, we are developing a number of oral history projects on aspects of Birmingham life. Snippets of oral history interviews will be used in the gallery to look...