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  1. N

    White Family/White’s Garages

    Hello everyone I’m looking for any memories, photographs etc relating to my Dad’s family, the White’s who owned White’s Garages - one in Belgrave Road (site now unrecognisable as it sat above where the underpass is) and one in Moseley Road (on the site of Birmingham Car Auctions, near the fire...
  2. prmoliver

    Oliver Garage - 278 Chester Road, Castle Bromwich

    I wonder if anyone has any information about my grandfather's garage on the Chester Road. He was Sidney Harold Oliver (born Sep 1893 in Balsall and died 4 Sep 1964 in Ward End). I think he was either a mechanic or pilot in WW1. Sometime after WW1, in partnership with a Lawly Walsh, he set up...
  3. H

    The Demolition of the former B.C.T Bus Garage at Quinton

    I have now uploaded photos of the Demolition of the former B.C.T Bus Garage at Quinton they can be found here https://www.flickr.com/photos/transport_photos/sets/72157626339774888/
  4. H

    Former Midland Red Bus Garage at Coaville to Close

    I have read on the web that the former Midland Red Bus Garage at Coaville is to close on Saturday 26 March 2011 another like with Midland Red to go
  5. H

    The former Coventry Corparation Bus Garage Sandy Lane is up for sale

    The former Coventry Corparation Bus Garage in Sandy Lane is up for sale the future for the site must now be uncertain when I was there I did take a photo (as well as others) of the plate on the front of the building, https://my.bus.photos.fotopic.net/p68161835.html I would love to look...
  6. H

    Midland Red Garage News

    The former Midland Red Bus Garage at Swadlincote that closed in 2007 has now been demolished all the is left is a concrete hard standing The former Midland Red Bus Garage Shrewsbury Bus Garage has been compulsery purchased by the council it must now have an uncertain future The former...
  7. P

    JAUNCEY'S GARAGE - Stockfield Road South Yardley.

    Interested to know if anyone has any memories,photos etc of "Jauncey's" garage which used to stand on the corner of Stockfield Road with the junction with Yardley Road in South Yardley?? The garage buildings ( or the majority of them ) were still standing recently in use as a garden centre /...
  8. Thylacine

    Question about Midland Red Ladywood Road Garage

    Here's a question for the esteemed Midland Red experts on this forum. When BMMO (Midland Red) started in 1904 it acquired a garage in Ladywood Road (Edgbaston) from Birmingham Motor Express (BME). All motor buses were moved to the Bearwood garage by 16 Feb 1906 after which the Ladywood Road...
  9. H

    Former Midland Red Garage Southgate Street Leicester

    The Former Midland Red Garage Southgate Street Leicester is set to close this weekend as a bus garage, Arriva who are or were operating fom the garage are to close this garage nothing is known at the moment what will become of the bus garage
  10. R

    Smithfield Garage

    Hi I'm researching the Smithfield garage site, Meriden Street , Digbeth. Using Kelly's directories, I've found that there was a Basket Manufacturers there beforehand and also a Branch of the King Edward VI school. Does anyone know any details about these or have any images? Also, does anyone...
  11. H

    Highgate Road Former Tram and bus Garage footage on YouTube

    I have now added footage of the former Tram and bus garage on YouTube YouTube - Highgate Road Tram and Bus Garage Outside and Inside press the top bar to see the video