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  1. M

    Abacus Building - Alcester Street

    Hi all, New to BHF so not sure if this is the most appropriate place to post this query... I'm moving into a flat in Abacus Building, 196 Alcester Street Digbeth (B12) and have been told the building is a 1930s factory converted to flats in 2006. Does anyone have any information on the...
  2. Phil

    Golden Lion Cannon Hill

    The Golden Lion Inn is a Grade II listed building built around 1520 and is described thus, “The timber frame of the two-storey inn is filled with plaster and the ground floor is faced with brick. The main facade features three gables above herring-bone studding, a painted pub sign (1725)...
  3. ellbrown

    Birmingham Home for Lost and Starving Dogs

    As you may all know, this building on New Canal Street in Eastside / Digbeth went on fire in October 2013. Walked past it today and got some shots of the remains!
  4. bill.dargue

    The Woodman Tavern Duddeston Row New Canal St

    Hi folks! I'm researching for a friend The Woodman on New Canal Street opposite Curzon Street Station. It may be going to reopen! He's interested in the history of the building and would particularly like to see interior photos and exterior ones before the surrounding buildings came down...
  5. ginger_cat

    Park Street burial ground - Digbeth

    Hi Not sure if anyone has seen this, I had a look through the threads and couldn't see any mention - apologies if this is a repeat. The BBC are running a story that due to the HS2 (which seems to be controlling my life at the moment) they may have to exhume bodies from the Park Street burial...
  6. ellbrown

    Barn Street Diner - Barn Street

    I took photos of the Barn Street Diner on Barn Street. Is it a former pub? Barn Street Diner - Barn Street, Digbeth by ell brown, on Flickr Barn Street Diner - Barn Street, Digbeth by ell brown, on Flickr Midlands Pubs - Birmingham has for Barn Street:
  7. H

    A Destination Blind in the Bull Ring Shopping Center

    In one of the shops in the Bull Ring Shopping Center there hans a destination blind https://www.flickr.com/photos/transport_photos/5709436563/ now i think that where they have hung the destination blind was is very close? to where the buse made there way into and out of the city, I think...
  8. R

    tram track remains at Great Barr St, Digbeth

    Hi all, my first post to the forum! I was surprised to notice that there appears to be some tram track in the road at the junction of Fazeley Street and Great Barr Street, Digbeth. From my initial enquiries there was a tram line that ran along Fazeley St and turned left into Great Barr Street...
  9. Z

    High Street Deritend Digbeth

    I am most interested in hearing from anyone who is familiar with the above location. I am currently redeveloping the three victorian properties which form a substantial part of the main block where Rainbow pub is located. We are recreating old timber framed victorian shopfronts and would love to...
  10. H

    Midland Red Coaches Celebrate 50 years of the M1

    Yesterday two Midland Red Coaches were at Digbeth to help National Express Celebrate 50 years of Coaches running on the M1 I was there at Digbeth https://my.bus.photos.fotopic.net/c1774531.html I was not able to go on the run on the M1, I was able to video the two coaches so hopefully that...
  11. R

    Basket Manufacturing

    I recently found that in Meriden Street, Digbeth there was a 'Basket Manufacturers' up until the 1920's. Apparently a Mr Hewitt owned it. I'm wondering about the nature of the basket making - whether it was wicker or metal - and what processes/patterns they did. can anyone help?
  12. R

    Smithfield Garage

    Hi I'm researching the Smithfield garage site, Meriden Street , Digbeth. Using Kelly's directories, I've found that there was a Basket Manufacturers there beforehand and also a Branch of the King Edward VI school. Does anyone know any details about these or have any images? Also, does anyone...