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  1. A

    Heneage Chapel

    Hi i am secretary of grenfell baptist church in birmingham. The church was built in 1954 in memory of George Grenfell a missionary in the congo in the 19th century. George Grenfell was baptised at Heneage Street Chapel in the 19th century and due to redevelopment of the area in the 1950's it was...
  2. D

    Yardley Cemetery Old Chapel

    I was talking to the lady in the office at Yardley Cemetery and she told me there used to be a small chapel in the original part of the cemetery that was demolished when they built the crematorium. It used to be on, what is now, the large oval traffic island type thing near the South entrance...
  3. Thylacine

    John Leland and the Deritend Chapel 1538

    In about 1538, the poet and antiquary John Leland visited Birmingham. This short but interesting visit is perhaps best described in his own words (observe that he spells the name of the town in three different ways in the space of a few short paragraphs): I cam thoroughe a praty strete or evar I...