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    Egyptian Mummy In Birmingham Museum

    Hi I am trying to find out information about an Egyptian Mummy owned by the Cadbury family. It was loaned to a cinema in 1932 by Elizabeth Cadbury and eventually was given to the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery in 1966. Does anyone know any more details about it please or any other...
  2. Y

    Birmingham History Galleries: Do you have a suburban story? (oral history projects)

    Hello As part of the development of the new Birmingham history galleries which will open in autumn 2012 at Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery, we are developing a number of oral history projects on aspects of Birmingham life. Snippets of oral history interviews will be used in the gallery to look...
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    Touchbase Local Legends: Olly Forrester meets George Cadbury

    A fascinating interview, Touchbase's Olly Forrester talks to Chris Upton (Newman College, Birmingham Post) about the man who brought us Dairy Milk and Bournville. Read the interview here: www.touchbasemagazine.com
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    DI George Brown

    Any one out there known any information on my grandfather George Brown. He was a member of the Fifth Army's Provost Marshal in WW1. DI for Selly Oak, Stirchley and Longbridge based in Newton Street, where he appeared to clock up 33 years police service, then became head of the Investigation...