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  1. S

    Midland Red double deckers

    Just to let you know that the book More Room on Top: The Midland Red BMMO D9 & D10 which has been out of print for a couple of years has just been reprinted, albeit a short run. So, if you missed out on getting your copy don't hang around this time!
  2. Thylacine

    Midland Red Early Days

    WELCOME TO THE MIDLAND RED EARLY DAYS (MRED) THREAD! Frontispiece (click to enlarge): Lloyd's "outrageous" 2010 colouring (which turns out to be remarkably historically accurate!) of a Josiah Allen engraving of Dr William Church's 1833 steam carriage. The primaeval Midland Red double-decker...
  3. Thylacine

    Question about Midland Red Ladywood Road Garage

    Here's a question for the esteemed Midland Red experts on this forum. When BMMO (Midland Red) started in 1904 it acquired a garage in Ladywood Road (Edgbaston) from Birmingham Motor Express (BME). All motor buses were moved to the Bearwood garage by 16 Feb 1906 after which the Ladywood Road...
  4. Thylacine

    Midland Red open-top double-decker 1928

    Here's a picture for Midland Red fans. It's fleet number 335 (registration HA2248 Tilling-Stevens FS chassis no 2725 with Carlyle KO22/29F body no BB282). New in 1923, withdrawn 1928. The scan isn't good enough to show it, but the destination board reads "Upton-on-Severn" and the service...