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  1. B

    R.M.S Titanic

    I was given a book at Christmas ' R.M.S Titanic - Made in the Midlands' by Andrew P. B. Lound. The book is an informative read about the men, women and manufacturers who made parts for the 'Titanic'. Lots of information about anchors, chains, buttons, uniforms, cutlery, generators, whistles...
  2. Sabir

    Holliday Road, Erdington B24

    Hi, Looking to move to Holliday Road, Erdington. Any info about the street and surrounding areas? Is it quite rough in Erdington? heard there are a few HMO's nearby. Any advice/pictures/suggestion - I would be most grateful. Thanks Sab
  3. M

    Samuel Hawkins

    Trying to find out more about my grans dad, We recently found letters between him and my great-gran. His name is Samuel Hawkins, the address on the letters was Heath St, Winson Green Birmingham. Was wandering if anyone knows any information about him or any Hawkins around the same time (just...
  4. M

    Birmingham Corporation pages from 1945 telephone directory

    Hi all, I've scanned and posted on Flickr the four pages covering Birmingham Corporation and will likely post some more in time. Link here PO Telephones Birmingham 1945
  5. H


    Hi everyone. My name is Karen and I joined this forum as I have recently discovered that my great grandfather lived in Birmingham. On the 1881 census he was living at 6 House, Court 13, 81 Hurst Street and on the 1891 census he was living at 2 House, Court 33, Irving Street. I was wondering if...
  6. A


    Hello, I just came across this site and am so thrilled. I have read through as much as I can and have not found anything related to my family but am hoping someone could help me. I have hit a roadblock with 3x great-grandfather and am trying to find his parents, his death, etc. This is what I...
  7. G

    William Adams Silver

    Hello from the USA. Thank you for allowing me to join this forum. I have acquired two silver trays. I am trying to trace the year of manufacture, history, value and material makeup of these pieces. I believe they were made by William Adams by the hallmark. (see pictures below) according to what...
  8. A

    West Midlands Police Museum

    All I just wanted to tell everyone how impressed I was with the service I have recently received from West Midlands Police Museum. I posted on a BHF thread that I was looking for information on my German great great grandfather, George Mead (Alexander Mede). Steve Rice from the Museum picked up...
  9. K

    Sutton Family - Nailstone Crescent Acocks Green

    Hi all, I have recently started to look into my family tree and through this site have found a second cousin on my nan's side - I would like to find out more about my dad's side of the family though for completeness....His name is Roy Sutton and lived on Nailstone Crescent, his parents were...
  10. L

    Oscott College Cemetery, Birmingham - Looking For Murphy Grave

    My aunt (Sarah Butler) was married to James Murphy, James was born in Cornamona, Co Galway, Ireland in 1892. He went to work in Birmingham during the early 1940s and died in Birmingham about September 1945 at Dudley Road Hospital, Birmingham. I believe he was buried at Oscott Cemetery, Hawthorn...
  11. G

    Amazing Book By William Haywood

    I am not sure if this has been posted before so apologies if it has. While searching the internet I found this amazing book by William Haywood (architect) on his ideas for Birmingham called "The Development of Birmingham". Published 1918. Just click on the page to step through the book page...
  12. Ray T

    Childhood Memories Of Trains

    Hello, everybody, Glad to be a new member here. This seems a good place to share my memories childhood trainspotting in Birmingham. Perhaps other "steam fanatics" will add their own recollections of certain places or locos. I grew up in a back-to-back house in Long Street, Sparkbrook, and...
  13. S

    Birmingham Air Raids

    It is 75 years ago this month that Birmingham's experience of the blitz started. This was a month ahead of the start of the London blitz. Although for Birmingham September was relatively quiet, things were to greatly intensify during October and November. This month there is a new book called...
  14. M

    Frank Wilton Draper 141 Broad Street, Birmingham

    Just found two family members working at the above address as Draper's assistance in the 1891 census. Does anyone have any information about this business or a mention in a trade directory. The two young ladies were Eliza Jane and Amelia Holdcroft.
  15. S

    FREE Birmingham TV & Film Walking Tour

    For a fourth year I will be talking a walking tour through the city centre discovering some of the TV & Film locations used around Birmingham in the last 40 years. This year the tours are FREE and you can reserve one of the limited places at https://btvfloc2015.eventbrite.co.uk, however, we are...
  16. I

    Thomas Odams: Prodigal Son

    Can anyone help with information about Thomas Odams, the son of Richard Odams: ‘baker, flour dealer’, 72 Wellington Road, Edgbaston (General & Commercial Directory of Birmingham 1858). Thomas migrated to Australia in 1857 on the Algiers. Sadly he committed suicide in South Australia in 1879. I'm...
  17. M

    J, E & H Player, Bingley Works, Birmingham?

    Hello all. I've just acquired a lovely brass ship's foghorn which I'm cleaning up. And as I cleaned it I noticed a maker's stamp: J, E & H Player, Bingley Works, Birmingham. So I googled them. Nothing! Not for J, E & H Player, nor for Bingley Works. I think this is the first time I've googled...
  18. E

    Looking for a Monyhull Trainee Nurse (late 1958 - early 1960's)

    I am trying to trace a lady who my family met in the late '50s early '60s in Coventry. She was training to be a nurse at Monyhull Hospital, Birmingham, in her late teens. Her mother worked at the hospital also. Her name is Patricia (Patti) Feeney. I am a little unsure if it was Feeney or...
  19. L

    Balsall Common: HOLYHULL, Warwickshire

    Has anyone any ideas, please, as to where this place of HOLYHULL might be? John Smith, Journeyman, Unmarried, 24, Journeyman Locksmith, [where born] Warwicksh, Holyhull Source ancestry.com 1851 Census: Village of Portobello, Willenhall, Staffordshire HO107/2020 I have found a modern place...
  20. D

    Jet Manufacturing In Birmingham Circa 1863

    I am researching my Harrison links in Birmingham and I would be grateful and interested in any information on the family and its jewelry business, etc: My four-times Great-Grandfather Henry Harrison (1786-1864) was a Jeweller and his eldest sons Henry (1813) and joseph (1815) went into...