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back to backs

  1. maggie may

    Back to Back addresses

    Please can anybody explain something to this dunce. The court system of housing I can understand-I think Number# at back of# also makes some sort of sense but when you get a mixture of both on one street how on earth do they all fit in? :confused:
  2. abigailcasson

    Birmingham Back-to-Backs

    Hi all! I am looking for information about the people who once resided in what is now the National Trust's Back-to-Back property at the corner of Inge Street and Hurst Street. The National Trust gives some information on the Mitchell's, the Oldfield's, and claims that a Jewish family, the...
  3. H


    Hi everyone. My name is Karen and I joined this forum as I have recently discovered that my great grandfather lived in Birmingham. On the 1881 census he was living at 6 House, Court 13, 81 Hurst Street and on the 1891 census he was living at 2 House, Court 33, Irving Street. I was wondering if...