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aston hall

  1. Rob Derry

    Escaped Porcupine Terrorises Aston

    My wife's nan lived on Village Road in the days when the travelling fair used to set up in the grounds of Aston Hall. One year the porcupine escaped and found its way into her back yard - not knowing what it was she through the tin bath over it scaring it into ejecting its spines which...
  2. M

    Aston Tavern, Aston Hall Road

    I used to go to the Aston Tavern about '76/'77 with my then boyfriend, John Tubb who lived near there in Heanor Croft.
  3. C

    Coates family

    Hello, new to this forum, and hoping to find out some info to flesh out part of my family tree. At the moment, I'm researching the Coates family. They started life at Cirencester, but between 1853 and 1861, they moved to Aston, where they ran the Aston Hall Refreshment rooms. The family...