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  1. Thylacine

    Birmingham Steam Buses 1824-1910.

    WELCOME TO THE BIRMINGHAM STEAM BUSES (BSB) THREAD! Frontispiece (click to enlarge): Oil painting (artist unknown) of the Dr William Church steam carriage of 1833 (by kind courtesy of the owner Keith Fletcher). This appears to be the original on which all subsequent images are based. We've...
  2. Thylacine

    Midland Red Early Days

    WELCOME TO THE MIDLAND RED EARLY DAYS (MRED) THREAD! Frontispiece (click to enlarge): Lloyd's "outrageous" 2010 colouring (which turns out to be remarkably historically accurate!) of a Josiah Allen engraving of Dr William Church's 1833 steam carriage. The primaeval Midland Red double-decker...