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  1. G G Jean

    Oisin (Paul Holmes)

    Paul's granddaughter Jessica has informed me that he is in hospital quite poorly and messages from his friends on the forum would cheer him up. Get well soon Paul from Jean. xx
  2. G G Jean

    Alf Buckley.

    I am very sorry to let you know Alf has passed away. His partner Bev messaged me and will let you know more when she gets in touch again. RIP Alf.
  3. G G Jean

    June 2015 edition David Weavers poems.

    I am pleased to say that our own David Weaver has had some of his poems published in Junes edition of Carl's magazine. Well done David.
  4. G G Jean

    R.I.P Dennis

    It is with deep sadness I have to tell you that our deer friend Dennis passed away during Saturday night at approximately three o'clock. R.I.P Dennis you lovely person. One of the last perfect gentlemen. xx
  5. G G Jean

    Miriam Banner Needs Help With PC

    Am not sure if this is the correct place for this post but I am sure most of the regular forum members have missed Miriam of late. She had been very under the weather and on top of that her computer has packed up. Does any member know of anyone that does home visits please to fix her...
  6. G G Jean

    Good home required.

    I am trying to help someone find a home for their four year old German Shepherd dog, One of her children has developed an allergy to dogs unfortunately. His name is Scoobie and he loves all people and has . very placid temperament. He is free to a good home and lives in Highley. Please...
  7. G G Jean

    Salvation Army building.

    My friend is trying to find out some info on Theodore street, Aston. There's a picture on the Internet of the Sally Army building, shed like to know what number it was please.? Also she thinks it was nearer Newtown Row end of the street. Carol used to live in Theodore St back in the 60s and...
  8. G G Jean

    Norman Arther Taplin Navy records.

    My uncle Norman was on a mine sweeper during World War 1 and I wondered if anyone would be able to find the ship or ships he served on please?. He was residing at 3/36 Franchise street at the time. Many thanks. Jean. :star::star::positive::positive::cupcake::cupcake:
  9. G G Jean

    Members List.

    Just wondered how many of you have noticed the above is back?. Thank you Jim:star::star::star: I for one did miss it. Jean.
  10. G G Jean

    Goodbye Max.

    My daughter in law phoned us from the emergency vets yesterday for moral support as her dear dog Max had had a massive stroke and the vet said there was only one kind thing to do. The awful thing is Steve our son and Anthony our grandson are at a music festival and Bev and Jemma had to make...
  11. G G Jean

    Endowment policies.

    Did anyone come into money when they reached a certain age only when I was fifteen my mom and dad cashed in one that had been taken out for me. I was so excited as it was a complete surprise and the first thing that came to mind was to put it towards a horse that I wanted more than anything in...
  12. G G Jean

    Cure for a powk. [eyelid pimple]

    I was talking to someone the other day with one of these and she said years ago they would tell you to rub your wedding ring across it. Something to do with gold. Has anyone else heard of this?. Jean.
  13. G G Jean

    The cane at school

    Sue wondered if any one received the cane at school or did you know of someone who did?. Jean.
  14. G G Jean

    Ear cleansing.

    I remember years ago when someone had earache or very waxy ears the doctor would advise warm olive oil. Peter went to the doctors the other day for tests and while he was there he said he had a problem with his left ear. After examining it Dr Harris told him to put drops of cooking oil in and...
  15. G G Jean

    Is this a virus?.

    :(This has happened to me with regards to two subjects one being Viagra and the other an advert to working from home. These two subjects were sent from my e.mail address to people whose addresses I have put in my folder without my permission.:redface: I once opened one supposedly from my son...
  16. G G Jean


    I know this is not a very nice subject but last week we were in The New Inn where I met a lovely lady in her eighties and we got onto the above subject .{Don't quite remember how?}. She asked if anyone remembered the above. She said that her mom every Friday gave all the children a tablet to...
  17. G G Jean

    Aston Hall Road (formerly Aston Lane)

    Has anyone an old map of this road please for one of our members?. Thanks. Jean.
  18. G G Jean

    Saint Mary's school.

    Did anyone attend this school as I have a couple of old school photo's sent to me by Brian and Val Brookes?. Jean.
  19. G G Jean

    Taplin Emily Margaret Loisa

    I am trying to find out when my nan Emily Margaret Loisa Taplin moved to the above address please and who else resided there till it's demolition round about 1966. Thanks. Jean.
  20. G G Jean

    Favourite soup recipe's.

    After a year in the wardrobe [my mixer] I unwrapped my new mixer liquidiser and have decided to make a different soup each week. A certain Mr Penfold mentioned soups in a thread and that gave me the incentive to make some other than the one's I normally do. I have been sorting through my...