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  1. Sue Bolvary

    Woodhouse Road

    Hi everyone, I'm not sure where to put this post so hope this is the correct spot. Does anyone have information on Woodhouse Road? I have found the school register for my father from when he attended the Woodhouse Road Junior & Infants School in 1938. He and his brother lived at 22 Worlds End...
  2. Sue Bolvary

    Boughton family

    Have just discovered I am related a long long time ago to Lord Thomas Boughton (13th great grandfather) on my father's side. So far I've only turned up commoners! Here's a link to a bit of history about him. Apparently the family owned a lot of land in Warwickshire, Birmingham...
  3. Sue Bolvary

    British Korean Veterans (born in Birmingham)

    I am starting this thread as I can't locate anything on the subject in any forum. My father fought during the Korean War. He was in the Royal Navy. He and my mother's family were born and lived in Birmingham for many generations back. They came to Australia in 1958. When he passed away many...
  4. Sue Bolvary


    Hi all. Still trying to trace my mother's two sisters' families that have never been heard of since my parents came to Australia. One sister Doris May Palmer (1917-?) born in Kent we think and the other Olive Joyce Palmer (1926-?) born in Birmingham. Doris left home at an early age, never to...
  5. Sue Bolvary

    Mum & Dad somewhere in Aston

    This is a picture of my parents in Aston, Birmingham in 1955 when they married. Don't know the street though. They were married at the Aston Parish Church, not far from Aston Hall. Mum still living here in Australia.