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    Ingleby street and the coal wharf

    Hi Mike there was never a coal yard in inglby street i lived right around the corner to inglby street the nearest to us meaning those in inglby street was new spring street of clissold street up the dudly road and the option Was to walk down he big kingedwards road which was one hell of a road...
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    Jennings of Parliament St

    Hi Mike Many thanks for putting the map up i knew it was 34 a parliment street i have all the old info from our old bhf site before stating this one of the conncections best wishes and thanks again Alan, Astonian;;;;;;;
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    Jennings of Parliament St

    looking for information o jennings family parliment street aston birmingham 6
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    Aston hippodrome

    We lived by the hippo and walked a thousand time passing it only went in once and that was a young lady teacher from the infants side went around and came to our houses and asked would she let her take us in there to jack and the bean stalk there was about 12 kids i was about 8 years old and...
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    Acme Whistles

    Hi Crinmeister thats very good news. to hear they are still operationional i found one in a shop up at upton on seven And it waas branded one of there she was asking price was 1oo pounds i spoke to her about how i knew the factory and living close to it but she was not going to...
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    County Court, Corporation Street

    Hi Guys Just b elisebeth courts een readin about the county courts and people asking the question what are they actualy doing Well i can tell you yes they are very old and falling apart inside that building and i had the unfortunatly moment Of Attending there for a crimminal case agaist a...
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    Onion Fair

    HI Gerry yes its great to bring such memories back yes over thhe years on this forum and our olld forum people have put there memories and pictures of the good old onion fair and yes i was a regular kid on the gaff and associated with quite afew of the lads on the gaff and with the girls whom...
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    Location wanted for this bus if possible

    Hi have now found the picture i was going to put on and i am in the procceding it and pointing it out about the tram Shelter stuck in the middle it also shows you in the photograpgh the springhill libary at the junction on ickneild street and monument road would be facing and of course the right...
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    Location wanted for this bus if possible

    Wellpedrocut yes there is many of uswhom are correctly right in maintaing that is personaly and know its springhil Andfor myself growing up on the springhil as a kid on the block and roaded the eight bus every sunday around the circle for a tanner there was six of us kids went round both ways...
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    Daily Mail Boots And Shoes

    Yes i would dearly like to know whom ever they was they was a god send to our family of eight of us And with the clothing we got lets just sat a big thank you for the good honest working people of that era whom made the contributions and a extra special thank you for our good old birmingham mail...
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    Hinton Bertha victoria

    Hi as far as i know these people aint related to my family of bertha victoria jelf whom was my mothers mother and my mother was the only child at one point in time i beleive there was a jelf living in small heath and years before that in the thirty period mom said the jelf around that time was...
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    wainwright st aston

    Hi astonwoodie To be honest astonwoodie of recent 12 months alot of them have past away the goodmans family i recall i beleive they was living in bordeley green by the hospital they moved from wainwright to mannor road stecherd ther was dolly and Albert And sammy and the sibblings and there was...
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    Location wanted for this bus if possible

    Hi Phil jusst what is the questian of this route and this bus and which picture of the bus thats in question we are trying to seek out and resolve ? . becaus ridgee i am getting confused here . May i had yes the info on your previos thread above mine is true it did excactly go the course it...
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    wainwright st aston

    Hi Astonwoodie Yes i recall the aston birmingham boys brigade i st company as it was and ran by captain roberts My two older brothers was there in there about the same ddperiod of the late fortys and early fifties...
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    hingeston street

    Hi Alan if that picture is looking down george street and if so it is where the waggon is that would be where the hewitts House up by the qwas from the corner of Hindgestion street and just around the corner there on hingestion street there was a paper shop and theres where my other mate...
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    Ladywood Road

    Hi smartsavage after seeing all those pics i would like you and other memberd on the pics of the pallie desal there is thre figures tBhere on the photograpgh and i would like to tell you that the little boys you see at thee gate was infact my younger brother phillip and the further in the taller...
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    Nutt family in Digbeth

    This a post script i am adding regarding the name of nutt amongest these books i had bought from the lady they was books of history on birmingham and amongest these books was a card and it was hand written and it was a long poem about wyricks lane and finishing the poem I, Nutts ...
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    Nutt family in Digbeth

    there is a family of nutts on the rednal roadoppersite the old longbridge works and speaking to the lady of the house whom getting on abit said her father is in an home as he suffered from memory loss he was an very elderly person i have to beleive and i came across of some books of his...
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    Ladywood Road

    Hi Smartsavage Here is the photograpghs i promised to you sorry i am late hopeing they will generate her thinking and of the young cousins whom will probaly recall i do have a load to share , Here is the first six in order i hope we can get her memory working best wishes Alan...
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    Ladywood Road

    Hi smart savage Sorry i have missed my headline this evening with photograpghs that may jogg her memory i have to tell you i will have them on by tommorow evening i have pulled all my history files out but it as made me tired, and that by my tiring is because i...