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  1. brummie nick

    Pub in Lincoln Road North, Olton

    Could someone remind me of the name of the Pub,?think it had 'poachers' in the title' its now a Vets.
  2. brummie nick

    Lost the sound volume icon

    Hi, anyone tell me how I can get the sound icon back on the task bar? TIA Nick
  3. brummie nick

    Marriage look up

    Could someone please do a marriage look up for Henry Nicholls and Eliza Hateley about 1849. Tia Nick
  4. brummie nick

    How many now?

    Just did a roll call of Birmingham Pubs in the 'Kelly's Directory for 1966-9, counted 725.
  5. brummie nick

    One for the 'Trainspotters'

  6. brummie nick

    Nicholls baptism look up

    Could someone please do a look up for the baptism of Henry Nicholls, DOB about 1827ish ? Father Henry or Harry, mother probably Maria. TIA Nick
  7. brummie nick

    WW1 Look up

    Hi, Is there anyone who could please do a look up for the record of this chap, TIA Arthure Cliffe served in the Cheshire Regiment KIA in 1916. He was born in Astbury Marsh 1896. Nick Forgot to post his number It's 21118, 13th Bn., Cheshire Regiment
  8. brummie nick

    Chester Road Pub

    Can anyone tell me the former name of the Place 2B pub? I've been up the allotment today, and four of us have been puzzling our brains thinking about it.:rolleyes:
  9. brummie nick

    Army records found.

    This could help with tracing WW1 records. https://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/7940540.stm
  10. brummie nick

    Charles Wade Ltd Iron & Steel

    Hi , any chance of a look up in Kelly's for, Charles Wade Iron and Steel Works.? Not sure if its Aston Road or Aston Street. TIA Nick
  11. brummie nick

    Medal card look up

    Hi, is there any chance of someone doing a look up on Ancestry for info on, 1761 A/cpl John Stroud, Army Pay Corps, WW1 Thanks in Anticipation. Nick
  12. brummie nick

    One For All The 'Young Cowboys Out There.

    Saturday picture treat. https://oldfortyfives.com/thoseoldwesterns.htm
  13. brummie nick

    Saltley Dock

    Does anyone have pictures of Saltley Dock,? I'm interested in the Fellows, Morton, Clayton. boat building site. TIA Nick
  14. brummie nick

    Water Storage Tanks

    Does anyone have a picture of the Water Storage Tanks, that were placed around the City during war time? TIA Nick
  15. brummie nick

    Things Your Mother Taught Ya

    1. My mother taught me TO APPRECIATE A JOB WELL DONE. 'If you're going to kill each other, do it outside. I just finished cleaning.' 2. My mother taught me RELIGION. 'You better pray that will come out of the carpet.' 3. My mother taught me about TIME TRAVEL . 'If you don't straighten up, I'm...
  16. brummie nick

    Site for Tram lovers

    Not sure if this as been posted before, but here goes. https://www.tramway.co.uk/smx/photos/results/?keywords=birmingham
  17. brummie nick

    City Transport Book

    This was the Father-I-Laws book. it gives the history of the Social & Athletic Society.
  18. brummie nick

    Marriage late 1840's

    Could someone please do a look-up for a marriage of Henry Nicholls to Elizabeth Hutsfield? not sure of the exact year. trying to find their Father names. TIA Nick
  19. brummie nick

    Memorial Plaques

    There’s an article in this weeks ‘Black Country Bugle’ on the Great War memorial plaque, it states they were issued to the bereaved relatives, with the idea that they could be inserted into the grave headstone, does anyone (Cromwell) know if this was the case?
  20. brummie nick

    Norman Wakeman

    Name: WAKEMAN, NORMAN Initials: N Nationality: United Kingdom Born: Birmingham Enlisted: Birmingham Rank: Driver Regiment/Service: Royal Field Artillery Unit Text: "B" Bty. 66th Bde. Date of Death: 31/03/1917 Died of Wounds Service No: 56109 Casualty Type: Commonwealth War Dead...