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  1. Sue Bolvary

    British Korean Veterans (born in Birmingham)

    I too have dad's records on all the ships he served on during Korea and before. I don't know what being stationed "at home means" though. I have dad's medals too. I don't know how the army worked though. I did read though from Wikipedia "One battalion would serve overseas, while the other...
  2. Sue Bolvary

    The Crompton Arms, Handsworth

    Hi there. I've just found out that I am related to Dave Wakeling of the Beat! Through Ancestry DNA testing, we have made contact with my grandmother's brother's family (Wakelings)! My father's mother died when dad was 9, in 1939 from peritinitis. His dad remarried and they lost contact with...
  3. Sue Bolvary

    Woodhouse Road

    Thanks for that. Yes he lived at no 22 with his parents and brother. He went to Woodhouse Road Junior & Infants School, but not sure if that still exists. It was interesting reading the register from the school, wondering what it was like for him when he started school in 1938. How things...
  4. Sue Bolvary

    Woodhouse Road

    Hi everyone, I'm not sure where to put this post so hope this is the correct spot. Does anyone have information on Woodhouse Road? I have found the school register for my father from when he attended the Woodhouse Road Junior & Infants School in 1938. He and his brother lived at 22 Worlds End...
  5. Sue Bolvary

    Mum & Dad somewhere in Aston

    Yes I agree it's a wonderful thread and a great forum. I have been able to find out a lot about Birmingham where my parents and many other ancestors came from, and lived and died, went through wars and brought up their families. I have never been there and still have relatives that I don't...
  6. Sue Bolvary

    Mum & Dad somewhere in Aston

    Thank you so much for your post. It's very interesting to know how weddings were conducted there. Mum and Dad were married on 1 January 1955 (which apparently then wasn't a public holiday). I have their whole album of pictures and have lovely photos of them outside the side of the church you...
  7. Sue Bolvary

    Fish & Meat paste from the 50s and 60s

    Yes I remember Peck's anchovette paste. We used to put it on our toast. Funny how it's called anchovette when it's only 4% anchovy but it's so tasty. You can still buy it here.
  8. Sue Bolvary

    Your Claim To Fame

    Hi Nico, I have Tricklebanks in my ancestry too (but may not be related to Annie). One is my my 5th Great Grandmother (born in Derbyshire). Unfortunately I've never met any famous people but our daughter went to school with Chris Hemsworth (Marvel movies).
  9. Sue Bolvary

    Moving away but always a Brummie

    Mum speaks Australian with a Brummie accent!
  10. Sue Bolvary

    Birmingham Cinemas

    Mum still mentions her time as an usherette in one of Aston's cinemas in the 1950s (don't know which one though). She's 89 now but reminisces often. Could have been the Astoria.
  11. Sue Bolvary

    Dudley road hospital

    I've been reading this thread and then reading from workhouses.org.uk/Birmingham thinking just how awful it was then and how lucky we are now. I too, like many people, had ancestors that lived/died in the workhouse. I was interested in the history of the hospital and also interested to see...
  12. Sue Bolvary


    Wishing everyone a Happy New Year from a very hot 40c degrees day Down Under here in Melbourne and hope for better times in 2022.
  13. Sue Bolvary

    Christmas greetings 2021

    Merry Christmas to everyone one here. Thank you for all your help and inspiration you have given to me in trying to find out more about Birmingham where both my parents were born and grew up in and where many of my ancestors lived from generations before me. :)
  14. Sue Bolvary

    Knowle Road Sparkhill

    No, that wasn't my father's mother, so Lilly is not related. And it was way back in 1955.
  15. Sue Bolvary

    Knowle Road Sparkhill

    My father Douglas Brownley lived at 68 Knowle Road in 1955. He then married my mother but I think he moved from there after that though. Mum and dad migrated to Australia in 158. The picture is no 68, even though bin 66 is at the front.
  16. Sue Bolvary

    Birmingham Christmas of the past

    I presume "Evaporated Dessert Fruit" is dried fruit, as we have it today?
  17. Sue Bolvary


    RIP Mike Nesmith (1942-2021)
  18. Sue Bolvary

    Windows 10

    I have installed Windows 11 about a month ago on my home laptop and it's fine. Things look a bit different but nothing really. Windows 11 won't work on all computers, mainly older ones. But I've heard that the new version of Office will be quite different, which I'm not looking forward to as...
  19. Sue Bolvary

    Birmingham Christmas of the past

    The good days in the 70s as teenagers when life was simpler. And of course being here in Australia it's always hot at Christmas yet mum and dad still used to roast a turkey, cook hot vegetables, plum pudding and custard, mince pies (I would kill for a mince pie at the moment!). I miss those...