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    Yardley Wood

    My mom was caretaker of the church hall - Christ Church and we used to go to Flints - I went to HH school and we lived on Prince of Wales Lane. Dad frequented the social club for a game of dominoes and a “shandy” aka pints of mild! We hoped to get chosen to clean up wedding confetti at the...
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    Anyone live in Clifton Road

    My Mom is Brenda Johnston and went to Upper Highgate Street School and Clifton Road Primary. She lived in the area - Clifton Road sometimes, Hallum Street. She married Chris Sullivan.
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    St Joseph's Nechells Lookups

    The burial records are at St Chad. The priest isn't particularly helpful and really doesn't appear interested - it seems people are an inconvenience. He limits the number of people to 2 and you are not allowed to take phone in - just a pencil and pad. The plan of the graveyard is at the church...
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    St Joseph's Nechells Lookups

    I spoke to a chap a few years ago - Danny and he was available to meet to look at the records that are at St Joseph's. I didn't manage to catch up with him but need to now so plan to phone the church and see how I get on. I can't see a link on the website showing burials but years ago there was...