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    Clayton family - Ladywood

    Hello Albert,thankyou for your reply,I would be delighted for any information thankyou.It is wonderful to hear from you.Mary
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    Clayton family - Ladywood

    Hello Pete the Mary Finn you mention was my great grandmother,I remember visiting her just before she died.I would like to thankyou for your excellent work regarding the Clayton family. Mary Emily Taylor nee Clayton.
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    1939 Royal Warwickshire Regiment 1st bn

    Hello Ian,sorry I missed your reply thankyou for your kind words regarding my grandfather.He was still serving in the R.W's but was very ill in 1939 and Mom believed it was the pressure he was under that killed him.He did not die in battle but from what I have been told I am proud of him.Mary
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    bishopsgate st

    Hello Astoness,fantastic photo's once again.Memories flood back,the pub on the left looking towards Broad st was the first my aunt and uncle managed.Mary
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    1939 Royal Warwickshire Regiment 1st bn

    Hello Ian,I was very interested to read of your grandfather.My grandfather Thomas Hogan was also in the Royal Warwickshires,but died in 1939.I hope someone can help you .Mary
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    W.w.greener Sporting Guns.

    Hello Wendy,thankyou very much for your reply.What a history Greeners have,I am not into hunting or killing of any kind but the manufacturing side of their business is so interesting.The suicide could have been at an earlier firm,when Dad worked in Kidderminster.Thankyou once again.Mary
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    W.w.greener Sporting Guns.

    Hello Wendy sorry,I forgot to say thankyou for your reply.Mary
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    W.w.greener Sporting Guns.

    Hello Wendy and Paul I was amazed to hear Greener's mentioned in an American film,then I thought perhaps it was an American made rifle.I went on the internet and realized what a history Greener's had and realised Greener's probably did export to America.Thankyou Paul for this information I did...
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    W.w.greener Sporting Guns.

    Hello Paul,you have just reminded me of a John Wayne film in which he asks his son to pass him his Greeners rifle.Mary
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    W.w.greener Sporting Guns.

    Hello Wendy thankyou for your reply,I would have loved to ask my Dad more about his time at Greener's and Potters but he died last year.He always said he enjoyed working for Greener's infact he loved his work all his life.
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    W.w.greener Sporting Guns.

    Hello Wendy,my Dad George Clayton worked for Greeners till it closed,also his brother Bill and his brother-in -law Jack Knight.Does anyone remember them.Mary
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    A New Sister

    What wonderful goodnews,I hope everything goes well for you and your sister.Mary
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    Don't Wake Me at Doyles

    Hello rowan,I read this book last year it was outstanding in its 'awful truth'.This lady went through such a lot but she found strength eventually.She was very honest when she said the catholic priests treated her as if she did not exist despite her asking for help.I felt sorry for her and very...
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    St.Thomas School,Granville St.

    Hallo Carol I was thrilled to find the site,it brought back lots of memories mostly good ones .Mary
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    St.Thomas School,Granville St.

    Hallo Carol I went to St.Thomas's and found the website Digital Ladywood has quite a few photo's of our school.I hope this helps you.Mary
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    Walk of stars

    Re: Walk Of Stars Brum Hallo Graham,I have also nominated you,hope you are keeping well.Mary
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    Piggot Street

    Hello Astoness thankyou once again for an amazing photo of Pigott st,the memories flood back.I have been thinking about the comments you made concerning the condition of the buildings and have often thought that not all of the so called slums ,should have been demolished.London is still full of...
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    Bulpitt and Sons Birmingham

    Re: Bullpitts Does anyone remember Walter Taylor O.B.E.,he worked for Bulpitts for more than 50 years.Mary
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    bath row/acci hosp

    Thankyou Astoness for another amazing photo,the memories of this hospital are endless.I stayed overnight with my son and spent hours talking to the matron,the tales she told me,one was the night someone stole an ambulance from outside the front door,the nurses kettles cups and anything that...
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    Police Horses

    There was a police stable in Bell Barn rd,the man in charge wore leather gaiters ,isn't it amazing the memories that come back to us .The stable later became a delivery firm called Rainbows.Mary