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    Icknield St School

    Hi again Bernard, you just jogged my memory about that Austin 7, it was originally an Austin 7 van owned by Mr Ward the metal work teacher, we as part of the class had the job of pulling the old body off the chassis and all the chassis restoration was done in the metal work class and the new...
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    Icknield St School

    Bernard mate you name seems distantly familiar I started there the same year as you but I was in Joey Wises class then later Northedge, then Urch, left there in 68 sorry I don't remember you but you were only there a short time that's probably why, nice to here from you all the same sad to see...
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    Birmingham buses

    Fred Kitchen headmaster, Reggie Urch, Head teacher, and old man Northedge and of course old Joey Wise.
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    The cane at school

    Tose were the days
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    Icknield St School

    Hi Lawrence I remember you from school days you were a friend of Tony Fleetwood and Billy Gibbins and Robert Smith and Charlie Salt to name few you all came from around Camden Street area if memories serve me right RSVP please.