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  1. Mayfield

    The Great War Of Civilisation Medal

    Hi everyone - I recently picked up a Great War for Civilisation (Victory Medal) off an auction site which unfortunately isn't in the best of condition. I am intrigued as to the person who was awarded this medal as he would have seen active duty in order to be awarded it. The name on the rim...
  2. Mayfield

    Tustin Florence May

    Hi everyone - hopefully I have listed this request on the appropriate thread???? I am trying to trace some information for my dear old great aunt? It she had an aunt who committed suicide sometime in 1950/60's? It appears there was some form of family break-up? Due to the family break-up all...
  3. Mayfield


    Hi everyone - can you help? Emma baynmam from Hereford to kings norton. Any dates please? ManxManx
  4. Mayfield

    I would like to share this with you.....

    I would like to share this information with my friends on the forum. My heart goes out to the parents of our armed forces because in a very minor way I am now witnessing the worries that parents have when there children find themselves in areas of potential harm. As parents, both Paula and I...
  5. Mayfield

    Florence May Tustin.

    Can anyone please help? I am researching the missing information that should be included within a family bible. The bible is very old and lists in chronological order (from the early 1800's) the Tustin family. Unfortunately there is some (possibly intended) missing information concerning...
  6. Mayfield

    The Ivy League

    The Ivy League melted the snow at Drayton Bassett Village Club on Friday night - 60's music lovers of all ages from Tamworth, Birmingham and Walsall braved the snow to witness an evening of 60's classics. Although the band have changed over the years, they still rocked and succeeded in raising...
  7. Mayfield

    Aston Reservoir

    Purchased this postcard of Aston Reservoir - was this later called Salford Reservoir? Mabz
  8. Mayfield

    Disillusioned Postcard Message - WW1

    I was at a car boot sale yesterday in Coleshill and came across this postcard addressed to Mr T Hill, c/o Mrs A Yates, 289 Farm Street, Hockley. It wasn't the design of the card that attracted my interest, it was the message.... The message on the reverse is dated the 9th September 1914 and...
  9. Mayfield

    Acton family - Help please, dates of deaths

    Can anyone please help me, I am looking for the year of death for Jessy A Acton born 1901 and Annie Acton born 1913, Hope you can help? Mabz
  10. Mayfield

    George Clay - Music Centre

    Does anyone have any information of a music company called George Clay, Music Centre, Broad Street, Birmingham? Mabz
  11. Mayfield

    Albert Road Juniour & Infant School

    Does anyone have any information/photographs on Albert Road Junior & Infant School in Aston (it may have been referred to as Prince Albert Junior & Infant?) Mabz
  12. Mayfield

    Can anyone please revitalise this photograph????

    This is a photograph of my dad taken during the war in France. Typical, he is the one holding the flaggon of ale in the front. He never changed...................... Can anyone please revitalise this photograph for me? Mabz
  13. Mayfield

    Steve's Funeral - Our thoughts are with you Lyn

    Lyn My thoughts are with you and your family tomorrow. May the love of your dear family and the support of your close friends, of which I am proud to count myself, help you through the day. Keith x
  14. Mayfield

    Shool exercise book

    We are having a lot of refurbishment done at the college and I found this old exercise book at the bottom of an old school cupboard. The back relates to road safety - check out number 4..... Be honest, how many of us used to jump off the bus platform before the bus stopped? Does anyone have...
  15. Mayfield

    My fathers school???

    My father was brought-up in Aberdeen Street, Winson Green and would have attended a school local to his home address between 1922 - 1936. Does anyone have any idea which school is local to his address? Mabz
  16. Mayfield

    Newsagant/Tobacconist in Burbury Street?

    In the mid 60's I worked for a couple of old spinster sisters that owned a papershop/tobacconists opposite Burbury Park (refer to photograph from previous thread). Their shop was next door to Adams' Sweetshop. On the corner of Defford Road is the Barber Shop. Unfortunately age is taking over...
  17. Mayfield

    A day at Blists Hill Victorian Village

    I had a great day at the Victorian Village at Blists Hill. Although the entrance fee was rather high it was well worth the visit and I highly recommend it to those without limited mobility. Everyone in period costume. I really enjoyed the Victorian pub (only for the architecture I hasten to...
  18. Mayfield

    HELP.......Unusual request?

    I know this request may sound strange to most of this forum but I am hoping that there is an old Skin Head out there???? Does anyone have a pair of old skin head boots (size 8/9) that they can loan me because this sad bald headed person is going to a fancy dress party as a Skin Head (for those...
  19. Mayfield

    Blackwell Edward 1850?

    Can anyone please help me find any information on Edward (Teddy) Blackwell c1850? It is believed that Teddy was a bare knuckle fighter or boxer? Regards Keith :)
  20. Mayfield

    Sir Digby Jones

    I was at the ICC all day today on a management training programme of which I had the extreme pleasure of listening to the most inspirational, straight talking and humourous speaker that I have ever listened to..... I refer to Birmingham's own Sir Digby Jones. This very proud Brummie served as...