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    Clothes & shoes of yesteryear

    I found the old magazine... The fashion of that era?
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    Uniform c1915

    Nice photos
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    Hobbies 2020

    I think your hobby is cool
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    Raymond "Taffy" Phillips

    I'm not sure but good luck
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    I am interested in comedy, I have time to watch
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    Old Postcards and Photos of Birmingham

    Hope to see the clear photos in this video
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    A very sad day.

    Hug you, Alice will always guard you in the sky, don’t be sad, as long as you are well, she will be happy in the sky
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    Bickley Family

    Do you have more information to provide us
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    Then & Now

    Old photos always seem to carry many stories
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    Granddads 'Memoirs'

    thanks for sharing
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    They Were Caught In Our Old Street Pics...

    Pictures with memories
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    Buildings at risk

    Hope that good buildings can be protected
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    Plush Nuggets

    I think no
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    Is This Your Motor?

    Thanks for sharing photos