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    Birmingham Weston Road Workhouse & Cape Schools

    I am fairly certain that we used to drive through the gateway that is still standing and then through an archway and turned left and then reversed up to the reception area.It was a very tight turn and the ambulances just managed to negotiate it. There used to be a man sitting in the archway...
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    Birmingham Weston Road Workhouse & Cape Schools

    I remember in my early days in the ambulance service taking elderly people into Summerfield hospital and seeing the look of fear on their faces when they realised where they were. Relatives were reluctant to tell them which hospital they were going to and although we were never allowed to...
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    Henrietta Street Ambulance Station

    I do not remember that episode but will make enquiries and let you know. However we did have a batch of Talbot vehicles which had the handbrake lever was between the edge of the seat and the door. This configuration did cause some serious back injuries and the vehicle bodies were transplanted on...
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    Henrietta Street Ambulance Station

    Hi Baz,I think the renault 5 are still out on bail. I have to admit that you have got me, could you please elaborate. Malcolm
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    Henrietta Street Ambulance Station

    The pumps at Henrietta Street station are inside the rear gates,but I have to question your reference to the uniforms worn by the staff. Since green became the recognised colour for uniform,the WMAS has only ever worn white shirts and green trousers.Before that the colour was French navy...
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    Henrietta Street Ambulance Station

    It would be useful if you could remember where the pumps were situated. At Henrietta Street access to the station was via the rear and the pumps were located on the right hand side next to a large roller shutter door. It is possible that you were taken to the rear of the station which was the...
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    Henrietta Street Ambulance Station

    I would appreciate any photographs that you are able to supply.I was only at Henrietta Street eor a few weeks before tran was there for 33 years and then spent the last 11 years of my service at Monyhull.Malcolm
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    Hockley Hill

    There are a couple of excellent books by smudger Smith about Hockley Brook.
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    Henrietta Street Ambulance Station

    Fabulous photo's of the street as it is known amongst ambulance staff.I started my ambulance service career there in March 1968 before moving to Bristol Road Station.I wonder if you are able to forward the photo's to the virtualambulancemuseum.com I am a director of the ambulance heritage...
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    Old street pics..

    Those prefabs are actually on Weoley Castle Square,the photo reminds me of my early days on the ambulance service. I was sent there to collect a patient from one of the prefabs and my crew mate who was showing me the ropes,said to me in a very officious voice " stand back and I will show you how...
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    Saltley & Alum Rock

    My grandads friend Fred Chambers had a corner shop near Ralph Road or close to the swimming baths .I remember that they used to make some tickets with numbers inside that were used as some form of lottery.The tickets had a tear of strip around the edge and Freds wife Sarah would use a machine to...
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    The cuttle

    We used to cycle there from Shard End.spent many happy hours there
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    Saltley & Alum Rock

    I remember the shop in Adderly Road. I was born at 33 my grandmother lived there from the early 1900's until it was demolished and she was moved into Victor Tower in Nechells
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    TB Sanatorium 1940's

    There was another TB hospital in the West Bromwich area called Hill Top I can remember taking patients there in the 60's,and I am not sure whether Burcot Grange near Barnt Green was used for a similar purpose
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    Smells Of The Past

    I used to travel along Bradford Street on my way to work in the city centre.The smell from the slaughter house and the hide and wool factory made me wretch
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    Before nhs

    I am involved in ambulance heritage and history.Prior to the formation of the health service in 1948, three organisations provided ambulance transport in Birmingham.There was a service provided by the St Johns, street accidents [now termed rtc's] were dealt with by the police,and a further...
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    Metro Cammell Saltley

    My grand father was a gate keeper at the Met in the late 50's I also remember taking his lunch to him when I was very young.He looked after the gate in Arley Road in those days
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    Moor St Steam Engine

    There was an article in today;s Birmingham Mail about the Moor Street locomotive
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    Ward End Park

    My dad was a fireman in the big house in Ward End park in the 50's I used to go to the xmas parties there,and was fascinated by the control room [ watch room ] and all the receivers for the break the glass and pull the knob street fire alarms
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    School visits to Cinemas

    i remember going with my school Gunter Road to a cinema on the Tyburn Road to see a coloured film of the Coronation.Was that really 60 years ago?