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  1. A Sparks

    Newspapers: British Library Newspaper archives 1720 - 1880

    The British Library are releasing one million pages as a free resource. There are some Midland newspapers included - might be of use to some of our members. Information here.... https://www.ianvisits.co.uk/blog/2021/08/11/british-library-puts-1-million-newspaper-pages-online-for-free/
  2. A Sparks

    Ironmongers of the late 19th century

    Here are some interesting receipts from London's oldest Ironmongers (1797-2013) Prestland and Sons which have connections to Birmingham - I thought they may be of interest. https://www.gracesguide.co.uk/Snell_and_Brown https://www.gracesguide.co.uk/George_H._Hughes Quite alot of...
  3. A Sparks

    If Handsworth was a Postcard...

    I came across these three videos compiled by Joceline Glai on YouTube. They are a mix of old postcards of roads and areas of Handsworth with film of the current (2020) area shown and she includes some history and comments. I think she has done a great job and thought it would be good to share...
  4. A Sparks

    Tupper and Co, Galvanised Iron Makers, Berkley Street

    I have just found out about this company with a connection to Birmingham by chance when I was looking for some information about a tin church in the London Borough of Hackney where I live. The church was constructed in 1858 from corrugated iron and is still standing! The company, Tupper and Co...
  5. A Sparks

    Roy Fisher - Birmingham Poet

    There doesn't seem to be an appropriate thread to post this so thought I would start this. I found this poem quoted in the comments box of a seemingly unrelated short doccumentary film on YouTube - it was actually about a hidden river walk in east London. The poem is about the River Tame and...
  6. A Sparks

    R&J Hill Sandpits Cigarette Cards by the Spinet House

    I was just reading a blog article - London themed - about sets of cigarette cards which were supplied by the Spinet House, London and Birmingham. Pictures here I had a quick Google as I wondered where they were based in Birmingham but couldn't find any address - does anyone know anything...
  7. A Sparks

    Hopkins, Francis John born 1863

    I'm trying to find birth details of my Great Grandfather. The first information I have of him is on the 1871 census taken in Clun, Shropshire, his name is down as John Hopkins and age is 8. He is living in the household of Thomas William(s) stepfather and Jane William(s) mother. It gives his...
  8. A Sparks

    Caxton Gate, New Street

    Does anyone know where the name of Caxton Gate, for the buildings on the corner of New Street opposite what is now the Apple Store (previously the bank and then Waterstones) comes from? I'm wondering if it is something relatively new or has some historic connection? I've had a look on Google...
  9. A Sparks

    Rip Ray Thomas Of The Moody Blues

    Juts seen that Ray Thomas of the Moody Blues passed away on Thursday. https://www.msn.com/en-gb/news/uknews/we-are-deeply-shocked-moody-blues-star-ray-thomas-dies-suddenly-aged-76/ar-BBI0oiw?li=BBoPWjQ&ocid=mailsignout RIP Ray.
  10. A Sparks

    Getting Logged Out

    Just in the last few weeks I keep getting logged out of the website every time I close the window, despite ticking the 'keep logged in' box. Any idea why this might be happening? It is my work computer but it doesn't happen with another forum I use. Thanks.
  11. A Sparks

    Crowthers Boutique

    Does anyone remember Crowthers boutique in New Street (sorry if it's been mentioned anywhere else before)? I think it was in the corner building that used to be the Kardomah occupying the ground floor and the basement area. They had quite unusual clothes (ladies fashions), alot of maxi style things.
  12. A Sparks

    Birchfield Road Primary School

    Birchfield Road Primary in Perry Barr (an earlier poster mentioned the senior boys) which was demolished in the mid 60's and where part of the University of Central England (now Birmingham City University) now stands. There was a badge but I can't quite remember what it looked like exactly other...