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  1. leonardjob

    Turnberry road

    Mrs Davies was head when I went there (Calshot school infants) Gittings wife was the district nurse who looked after my dad when he had a serious industrial injury. I remember Arthur Browning and rge air raid shelter but playing "Over ther Brook" was best. I was from Foden Rd but my wife was...
  2. leonardjob

    April Fools Spaghetti Junction

    Just found this. M6 north from Walsall Rd looking over Sandwell Valley, under construction
  3. leonardjob

    Lower Tower Street

    My Nan was born at No 4 Court 2 Tower St 1897...Elizabeth Jennings...Married Michael Crowe.
  4. leonardjob

    Aston hippodrome

    Lovely photo's. Re George, I agree that he must have been on the way up, 'cos he became the country's largest earner in showbiz. Beryl made George, without her there was no George, she was a tough cookie. He wasn't necessarily tight, but because his act was as a simple man, people expected him...
  5. leonardjob

    Roll of Honour WW1

    My Great Uncle Clarence from Witton was also in the KORR and killed in 1915. He is buried in Colne Valley Cemetery. I have always what he weas doing joining the Rifles and not the Warwicks.I have the batallion diary but therre was no battle on.
  6. leonardjob

    Booths Farm

    Can't help Craig...except to say Booths Farm was in Great Barr Birmingham...not Sutton. Try Great Barr Website as a start.
  7. leonardjob

    Birmingham Accident Hospital Archive

    Burns unit of course!!!!!!!!
  8. leonardjob

    Birmingham Accident Hospital Archive

    The Burns unit at QE is in posession of the accdent Hospital Burbs Unit Archive. I have been up there today to give a TV interview for ITV Midlands, (Going out next week)asking for any BU patients to come forward and help them to complete their files. I have mentioned the forum to the hospital...
  9. leonardjob

    John Blundall

    World famous Pupeteer, from the mac...designer of "Parker" and other "anderson " puppets for TV. World renowned, died in Glasgow.
  10. leonardjob

    Accident Hospital

    What a wonderful site this is. I have been contacted by a Surgeon at QE regarding the history of the Burns Unit at the old Accident hospital, as a result of something I posted a few years ago. He has sent me photos and we hope to meet as there are not many prime sources left to talk about it...
  11. leonardjob

    Frankfort street, Hockley

    I feel sure that that pic is the opposite corner to "The Justice" ( Which a relative of mine ran). My Nan had a shop in Gt Russell St opposite that pic.
  12. leonardjob


    Hello Doris, I have a Thomas Fowkes and I am convinced that somewhere there is a change in spelling
  13. leonardjob

    Enid Goodwin Dance School

    Went there in 1970 to learn to dance so that we could do the first dance at our wedding. The quickstep was done to a non stop playing of Buddy Holly's "Browned eyed Handsome man". My mother in law Lily Palmer met her second husband Dennis Hall there.
  14. leonardjob

    Barton's Arms High Street Aston

    There is a pic of them outside the Bartons, but whether they stayed there I don't know. Was there last week for a Thai meal and a great pint
  15. leonardjob

    Wheeler Street lozells

    Darrel worked on the corner of Wheeler St and Bridge St West. My mom and Nan always got our meat from him, he was lovely ( I used to go there with my Mom). Meat was cheap in the 50's, Leg of Pork, Veal, Lamb, h bone of beef, tripe, liver kidneys. Funny how you can remember a name after 53 years.
  16. leonardjob

    NewSt Station 2015

    Used the new shopping centre that is obviously New St station. For the second time we were directed to the wrong platform by the departure board. Saw a virgin train come in on platform 1, suspected it was ours ...dashed over from 2, found the departure board had been changed at the last minute...
  17. leonardjob

    They Were Caught In Our Old Street Pics...

    Yes had an 1850 Dolly myself company car when at Triumph (JRT). Great car advanced for its day (16Valve), fast comfortable....cortina bashers we called them
  18. leonardjob

    They Were Caught In Our Old Street Pics...

    Is that car behind the two on the cenbtral reservation a Triumph 1500. If so 1966????
  19. leonardjob

    They Were Caught In Our Old Street Pics...

    No I( think its Ok. The A3 sign is Road number (A34??). Those pedestrians are all on a crossing.
  20. leonardjob

    Aston hippodrome

    As a member of the George Formby Society, I know that George played at the hip. Does anyone have any evidence or billboars/programmes so I can show our November convention. If there are any Banjolele lovers out there then contact me.