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    Pow Camps

    Is there any truth that there was a POW Camp on Billesley Common and the prisoners help build my old school Grendon Road and the prefabs at the Maypole
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    E57 Social Club

    Does anyone have any detail on the history of this club I believe E57 was the name of the WW11 Fire Wardens for the area. It would be nice to know if this is correct who the land was brought off the founder members etc. Hope someone can help thanks Keith
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    1930s Road Plans - Wide Road Development

    Does anyone know why Warstock Rd is so wide were there ever any plans to link it up to any other roads or make it a major highway.Thanks inn advance for anyones help
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    Songs Of Birmingham

    Sitting at home in the N.E of England watching T.V and all the time there are adverts for C.D of songs about Newcastle does anyone know if there are any songs about Birmingham would there be enough for a C.D ?
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    Ringway Club

    Can anyone remember the Ringway Club I think it was in Bromsgrove Street. If I remember right it was open in the afternoon as well as through the night. There was a gaming room on the ground floor and bar and dance floor on the first floor.