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    Sherbourne Road School

    Can anyone possibly help me with information on Sherbourne Road School? I have my fathers leaving certificate dated 1924 and would love to learn a little of where he spent his school days...Thank you, Florence
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    UB40 in Brum

    On Midlands today, there was a item about UB40 visiting Brum and being honoured with a Music Heritage Award - a plaque outside the Hare and Hounds pub in Kings Heath where they performed their first gig in 1979. One fan had travelled from Wales to be there.... This award apparently is quite rare...
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    Kings Heath Horse Showground

    I have been given a letter written to my uncle in Canada, (now deceased), from a young lady friend living in Birmingham dated May 1929. Here is an extract: 'On the Kings Heath show ground, they are holding a Torchlight Tattoo. It is a splendid...
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    whistle PC Thomas - New Street Police Station

    About 25 years ago when working away from Birmingham in the south of England, my brother was given a police whistle by a Canadian antique dealer after he heard his beautiful brummie accent. Sorting through some stuff the other day, he came across it and and would love to locate the family of...
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    44, pershore st

    Could someone check 44, Pershore Street in 1845 please. Was it a private residence or commercial.... And who was there? Thank you. Florence :)
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    Sparkhill Congregational Church

    Great news for Sparkhill :) Work has just started on the derelict and badly vandalised Congregational Church in Sparkhill opposite Knowle Road, later to become the United Reformed Church. Sold by auction in March, the structure of the Grade 2 listed building is to be restored to it's original...
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    Old Bordesley Palace, Digbeth

    Elizabeth & Ted Biddle used to do a song and dance routine at the Old Bordesley Palace, probably early 1900's....These are the maternal Grandparents of a friend and I'm trying to help her to research their entertaining years. Any help would be much appreciated...Florence :)
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    What are the best subscription sites?

    A couple of months ago, I can recall a member posting this question - re: family history. Can't find it now. Can anyone help? Many thanks...Florence :)
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    Part of Brandwood End Cemetery 'sell off'

    In Adrian Goldberg's Birmingham Mail article dated 16 Apr 09, he mentions that Coun Neville Summerfield wants to sell off a section of the cemetery to a property developer to build 38 new houses. With the money raised from the sale he hopes to restore the rundown chapels on the site :( Anyone...
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    Church register entries

    Phoebe mentioned in another thread that additional information may be given on church register entries other than recorded on the certificates. I wasn't aware of this. Does it happen often? Florence :)
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    Summer Lane death

    An ancestor from Summer Lane died in 1890. Can anyone tell me where is the most likely place he would be buried please? Many thanks....Florence :)
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    Rookery House, Erdington

    On Carl's programme today, Lynn, a member of Friends of Rookery, who are fighting for the future of the Grade 2 listed manor house in Erdington, was informing everyone of the open day on Sat 18 October from the afternoon through to evening. All will be welcome :) This may be the last time the...
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    Frederick Cadby - Worcester Regiment

    Can anyone help with any possible additional information on: Frederick Cadby, private, service No: 19700 died 10/8/1915 aged 42....9th Battalion Worcs Regiment. Grave/panel 104 to 113, Helles memorial..... Many thanks, Florence:)
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    Grandads handlebar moustache

    When I was a girl, I can well remember my grandad Harry's waxed handlebar moustache. I've just read an article referring to them as being 'most impressive'. Grandad was very proud of his and meticulously used to wax both ends into long thin points before going out. I really hated the look of it...
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    Leics Regiment Soldier Request

    Requesting help for another Grandad's WW1 records. Urban Jerome Pope, private 39498 Leics regiment.At some point he served in Egypt and Jerusalem. This is all I know about his war service. I would be very grateful for any further information please....Thank you, Florence:)
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    WW1 soldiers' information request

    I don't know much about researching army records and wonder if anyone can help. The only info I have on my grandfather Harry Samman's WW1 army service is a copy of his demob form. Regtl No S/363551. Rank a/cpl. Called up 15 Sep 1917 (aged 34). Medical category B2 (is that average?)...
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    Birmingham Maps - and more

    A few days ago, I posted a new thread in MAPS entitled Willenhall Map Rooms. I am posting the same thread with a different subject title re observations made in in Keith's thread Future of This Forum. With so many posts to look at, I would probably have passed Willenhall Map Rooms by, not...
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    Re: Willenhall Map Rooms

    On Carl's programme last Sunday, there was an item re: Willenhall Map Rooms. Don't know whether this web site has been posted before....www.mapseeker.co.uk Have a look. Quite a few Brum maps. Very interesting....Florence:)
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    William Tranter, gunmaker

    Would anyone possibly know the buriel place of William Tranter, Birmingham gunmaker, (my gg/uncle), who died 7 Jan 1890 at his home in Summer Lane? Many thanks, Florence :)
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    Congregational Church, Erdington

    In 1892 three members of my ancestral Butler family were buried in a family vault in Erdington Congregational church. A few years ago, I visited the church but could not find their grave. I have also looked in the Birmingham Library monumental inscriptions and their names are not mentioned.:( I...