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    TAYLOR. mystery family member, Help?

    I have searched for my husbands Taylor family for years and almost completed his family tree. My father in law was Frank Taylor 1910 ,his father Joseph Taylor 1879, Josephs father Francis /Frank 1839 all Birmingham. Frank (1839) went to Johnstown Pennsylvania he was a wire drawer. Frank his wife...
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    Daniel F Renwick, aka Paul Kassar.

    information for member afield. Marriages found Paul Kassar to Joyce i Archer, 1943 Meriden child Paula G Kassar reg, meriden 1945. as Daniel F Renwick /Paul Kassar to Edith Grinney, 1953 birmingham . Daniel F Renwick and Edith Renwick on 1955 electoral rolls for 68 Frederick Road...
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    Daniel F Renwick, aka Paul Kassar.

    information for member afield. Paula G Kassar registered Meriden 1945 mother Archer. Daniel F Fenwick and Edith Fenwick on 1955 electoral rolls for 68 Frederick Road, Stechford
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    Bosward family.

    Information for new member janeytg Hannah Bosward death registered Birmingham June 1879 ,age 59 James Joseph Bosward, death registered Birmingham March 1888 ,age 70 1871 census 50 Chester street , Birmingham. James Bosward age 63 b westminster, middx, Pattern maker Hannah , wife age 51...
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    Could members scroll down all the pages to see if there is a more appropriate section in which to post their thread, Thank you.
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    When did we all have fitted carpets.?

    My childhood in the 40,early 50s was in a house with lino on all floors and a hearthrug in front of the fire, I can't remember when we got fitted carpets. Crikey that lino was cold when you stepped out of bed:(
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    Disrespecting fellow members.

    Today the Team had to make the decision to ban a member for a disrespectful post aimed at a valued member of the forum. Not only is this against the rules but surely all the problems we have faced in recent months have made us realise that life is too short to make nasty remarks to other...
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    Marriage certificate changes in England

    The marriage certificates in England and Wales will now contain the names of both father and mother of the bride and groom to bring it in line with Scotland and Northern Ireland.
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    SPIERS John b Birmingham 1903.

    Any information available about the above person for our member ray evason please, Thanks Alberta.
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    We've just had a Christmas Card

    In the post this morning , posted on the 10th December in Kidderminster, must be a record. Thought some old friends had forgotten us and we we going to phone to see if they were OK. Alberta.
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    Write it down

    We have many posts from members say they wished they had listened to their parents but as youngsters were not interested in parents lives. As far as my children go that's tough because they will inherit my diaries,lol. I began keeping a diary over 30 years ago.Nothing earth shattering in them...
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    11 Plus Exams

    There are many posts on here from members who mention their 11 plus exams, but not the content of them. I sat my exam 67 years ago and went to Erdington Grammar, I have no recollection of the exam content at all. I know it was just one exam but was it in parts,eg. English, Maths Geography etc...
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    We have sections below for Surnames, Census entries, Churches and Trades. If your post is about any of these please post in the appropriate section.
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    A very sad day.

    Today has been a very difficult day, Yesterday we said goodbye to our little 11 year old Yorkie Alice. She has been in poor health for a while but still enjoyed her food and her walk but things changed the past 2 days she didn't want to eat or drink and slept for hours . The vet thought her time...
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    RIP. Dame Vera Lynn

    The death has been announced of the wonderful forces sweetheart Dame Vera Lynn aged 103. I have posted this sad news here because whenever her name was mentioned or her songs were listened to peoples' minds automatically went back to WW2. Alberta
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    Reuben Smith, a mystery.

    A bit of a mystery for my genealogy friends to help with PLEASE? My friends great grandfather was Reuben Smith b 1894, we know he had a brother Nehemiah and he gave his son this name.Reuben told his family that he was a gypsy. In 1911 Reuben is at 137 Heneage street, duddeston with his...
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    IP address

    I know nothing at all about computers other than how to post to BHF.,so sorry if this is a bit of a saga. until 12 months ago I had a domain email address paid for by my son but decided to give it up and have my email with gmail. Wanting to be independent we did this alone without my sons help...
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    William Wilkins b 1850 Minworth

    Legs128 here is some info for you 1881 22 High Street East Ham Essex Wire Drawer William Wilkins b 1850 Minworth Annie b 1848 Castle Bromwich ( nee Ann Rhodes m 1873) William 1875,Joseph 1877, Harry 1879 and Ernest 1881 all b Essex Annie died early in 1891 age 41 1891 Horsfall Croft Hay...
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    Hart family, market traders

    New member Mcl0307 has sent me message requesting information on the Hart family who were traders in the old Bullring market, the only name known Mary Hart. Mcl0307 perhaps you could give us some idea of dates for the family.
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    Please keep to the thread topic

    Moderators are having to work very hard to keep all threads on topic by clearing out the irrelevant posts so could members refer back to a thread title before adding to it please. Alberta.