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  1. J

    Rose Jackson

    I've attempted to resurrect this post as there's been no response for 30 months - anyone got an idea? Help needed, please.
  2. J

    Rose Jackson

    I imagined someone would have recognised her and given a little clue on where I might search next but after 2 weeks ...... nothing. One other clue is that I've remembered Diane had very red hair. HELP PLEASE ...... anything........
  3. J

    Lower or Upper Trinity Street

    Amazing I've just added an almost duplicate entry to yours under "Place related enquiries". I'll look at yours & you can look at mine! John
  4. J

    Rose Jackson

    As a teenager I remember Aunt Rose who was determined her daughter Diane would become a teacher. This was the mid-50s when Diane and I were young. We lived in Enfield, Middx, they in Birmingham and we drifted apart and it wasn't till 15 years later that Rose and I met at my grandfather's...