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  1. Peg Monkey

    Top Rank

    If you were at the New Year's Eve Breakout, Top Rank, 1969 we might have rubbed shoulders on the dance floor; thanks to a curious twist of fate me and my mate could not get into our chosen destination, Le Metro, because if was full so Plan B kicked in and we ended up at The Rank where I met the...
  2. Peg Monkey

    Lyndhurst Primary School

    Lyndhurst County Primary School (1960-1983) The school had a relatively short life of 23 years and it does seem an odd decision to close it down after such a short period, presumably there was an initial bulge of children on the estate when it was first developed, which changed as the population...
  3. Peg Monkey

    Lyndhurst Estate

    Note please post replies to Sutton Road question above to the thread here https://birminghamhistory.co.uk/forum/index.php?threads/sutton-road-erdington.41922/#post-616276
  4. Peg Monkey

    Air Raid Shelter Ticket

    Hi Folks, I found the precious ticket in my mother's papers after her death some years ago but did nothing with it, then the other day it re-emerged and I thought this is too important to be kept under wraps. Can't be sure who used it, but I can narrow it down to my Grandmother, Grandfather or...
  5. Peg Monkey

    Peg Monkey Cartoons

    . The inspiration for this cartoon is explained in post #99 here https://birminghamhistory.co.uk/forum/index.php?posts/584793/save-inline Regards, Peg.