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  1. farmerdave

    Cooper and Co

    This photograph was in a newspaper around 1958/1959. The text might be a bit small but it reads: "The new premises are fine---that's the verdict of two top men from Cooper and Co. (Birmingham) Ltd. Director Mr. Horace Walford (right) and works manager Mr. J. A. Miles inspect the factory which...
  2. farmerdave

    Yateley Road, Edgbaston

    The Historic Houses Association lists 21 Yateley Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham as being of special architectural interest. Tours of the house can be pre-booked for certain dates. Not sure whether you have to be a member of Historic Houses. See link below...
  3. farmerdave

    Things that always broke down (but don't now)

    I was thinking the other day of products that always seemed to be breaking down or becoming inoperable in the 1950s but don't nowadays. We had a radio with valves and that would often stop functioning altogether. This would necessitate taking the back off the radio and looking for a valve that...
  4. farmerdave

    Electric motor assisted Bicycles (E-bikes)

    E-bicycles seem to be growing in popularity, especially on the Continent. I have seen a few around here in Surrey, where it is quite hilly, but not very many. My question is: with the tradition of bicycle manufacturing in Birmingham, does anybody know of a B'ham producer of e-bikes? Many e-bikes...
  5. farmerdave

    "Who is this?"

    Does anyone recognise this very smart young lady? There is a Birmingham connection. Dave.
  6. farmerdave

    Lapel Badges

    Between the ages of about 10 and 15 many boys would wear at least one lapel badge on their blazer. One of the most common was the Ian Allen locospotters badge which came in a variety of colours depending on which railway region was represented. I know that I also had a triangular YHA badge, a...
  7. farmerdave

    Diane Leather

    Obituary in the Times today for the athlete Diane Leather. She was the first woman to perform a record-breaking sub five-minute mile. This was achieved at the Alexander Sports Ground in Perry Barr, Birmingham on May 29th 1954. She was wearing her Birchfield Harriers sports-kit. Diane Leather was...
  8. farmerdave

    Headley Court Rehabilitation Centre

    There was a farewell parade today, attended by the Countess of Wessex, in Dorking, Surrey for the staff of The Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centre. This national Centre at Headley Court has for many years treated injured servicemen and women who have had devastating combat injuries, both...
  9. farmerdave

    Birmingham 1960s

    Found this raffle ticket from December 1963. It cost 1 shilling and was from the Birmingham and District Branch of the NSPCC (National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children). I don't think I've won as I would have received a phone call by now but the prizes were interesting. The...
  10. farmerdave

    Birmingham & Midland Institute Events

    In my distant memory I remember being taken to the Birmingham and Midland Institute in the 1950s to a Conversazione. I believe that this was held annually, around January, and was a demonstration of arts and science to visitors. A school report, from Alcester Grammar School, gives a flavour of...
  11. farmerdave

    Battle of Loos

    This week marks the centenary of the Battle of Loos in Northern France. It commenced on September 25th 1915 and ran on for 2-3 weeks although it was at its most intensive for the first 3 days. Generally now regarded as a disaster, there were between 50,000 and 60,000 British casualties (dead...
  12. farmerdave

    School trips from Brum.

    My first school trip to an area outside Birmingham was in 1958 to Kew Gardens. This would have been from Camp Hill GS, Kings Heath, and 33 of us were on the trip. I guess that this would have been before the M1 was built as I have recorded in my diary that we went via Stratford-upon-Avon...
  13. farmerdave

    Hobbies 2015 - 2019

    Visiting W H Smith at a number of locations in the south-east over recent weeks I have noticed that there are now literally dozens of colouring books on sale for so-called anti-stress art therapy. These books have a range of intricate patterns, flowers, leaves etc. which one has to spend time...
  14. farmerdave

    John Lewis Birmingham

    Vivienne14's super high-resolution photograph of Birmingham (thread Birmingham Panoramic) showed a John Lewis building in the foreground. I hadn't realised that there was a John Lewis in Birmingham but a look on the internet shows that it does not open until 24th September this year. It...
  15. farmerdave

    Presents for the teacher

    Saw this sign today outside a shop in Surrey, advertising presents for school teachers. I have to admit that when I left Camp Hill GS in 1961 that I did buy book tokens for the Maths, Physics and Chemistry teachers. They had guided me successfully through "A" levels and I wanted to show my...
  16. farmerdave

    Lloyds Bank

    Lloyds Bank began as Taylors and Lloyds in Birmingham in 1765. The Bank was established by Sampson Lloyd, a Quaker and iron founder, and John Taylor, a Unitarian and cabinet maker, along with their sons. For the first 100 years the bank operated with just one office in Birmingham. However, in...
  17. farmerdave

    F. Whitfield & Co. Safe and door manufacturers.

    Bought this brass plate today for £10 which advertises F. Whitfield & Co, Safe and Door manufacturers , Birmingham. A summary of the company , firstly S. Whitfield & Son, Oxford Street, Birmingham can be viewed in the attached link. Dave...
  18. farmerdave

    Felicity Jones (Actress)

    Felicity Jones's photograph appeared on the front page of The Times this morning. She has been Oscar nominated for Best Actress for her portrayal of the wife of the physicist Stephen Hawking in the film "The Theory of Everything". Felicity Jones was born in Bournville, Birmingham in October 1983...
  19. farmerdave

    PRICE Water Heaters.

    Found this advert in a 1950s cartoon book. PRICE Water Heaters were located at 195-196 Bradford Street, which I believe is at the top end. Their electric immersion heaters were based on a new principle If you are really hot on heaters, I would be glad to know what this principle was. Otherwise...
  20. farmerdave

    John Bentley (Actor)

    John Bentley (1916-2009) was born in Sparkhill and attended King Edwards Camp Hill Grammar School. He was an actor famous for appearing in 3 Paul Temple films (1948-1952), the TV jungle adventure series, African Patrol (1957), and as Hugh Mortimer in Crossroads in the 1970's. He played alongside...