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  1. leonardjob

    Birmingham Accident Hospital Archive

    The Burns unit at QE is in posession of the accdent Hospital Burbs Unit Archive. I have been up there today to give a TV interview for ITV Midlands, (Going out next week)asking for any BU patients to come forward and help them to complete their files. I have mentioned the forum to the hospital...
  2. leonardjob

    John Blundall

    World famous Pupeteer, from the mac...designer of "Parker" and other "anderson " puppets for TV. World renowned, died in Glasgow.
  3. leonardjob

    Accident Hospital

    What a wonderful site this is. I have been contacted by a Surgeon at QE regarding the history of the Burns Unit at the old Accident hospital, as a result of something I posted a few years ago. He has sent me photos and we hope to meet as there are not many prime sources left to talk about it...
  4. leonardjob

    Roman Catholic Burials

    Where were RC's buried, particularly the large Newtown Irish families. My G G Grandad patrick crowe of Tower St we have his death cert but can't find where he was buried. Someone suggested New Oscott but they said no.
  5. leonardjob

    Elderflower Drinks

    Any recipes for Elderflower cordial. I did one last year with average sucess...it turned out V Cloudy and a bit unpresentable. Tasted OK though.
  6. leonardjob

    Situation Comedy

    What is the best British Sitcom ever, and who was/is the best Comedy Actor.
  7. leonardjob

    Birmingham Accident Hospital

    Edit. For discussion about Queens Hospital, please see this thread here https://birminghamhistory.co.uk/forum/index.php?threads/queens-hospital.7149/ .......................................................................................................................... As a child I had...
  8. leonardjob

    Views About Our Modern Markets

    Am I alone in thinking that our Markets are not what they were (I suppose nothing is), The Veg market has a limited range of food, the displays are poor compared to other markets, the Traders swear at each other at the tops of their voices,there is no Asian or Chinese produce,In the fish market...
  9. leonardjob

    Fried Egg and daddies

    Come accross some books by Roy Taylor about his humourous early years in bham, has anyone read them or know Roy
  10. leonardjob

    Christmas Story

    Based on a GK Chesterton Story
  11. leonardjob

    Views About Birmingham Bull Ring(s)

    I don't know whether this is the place for a rant, but as a born and bred brummie, who just remembers the bombed out fish market, I feel that our much vaunted Markets are now a disgrace. Visit any other markets in Britain or especially abroad and they are all better. Better display, more...
  12. leonardjob

    Silly Verses

    As a child in the 50's the family had a bungalow at Hill farm Northwood Halt on the Severn Valley Railway line. As Dad had to work on a Saturday my brother and I were often taken by my Aunty Audrey and Uncle Albert both still with us. Uncle Albert as well as being able to draw the best Spitfires...