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  1. Pedrocut

    Canals of Birmingham

    More info on the situation at Islington Gates... https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-birmingham-58817763
  2. Pedrocut

    Outside Broadcasts

    "the use of PO landlines for outside broadcast was normal practice." (from around 1924) https://www.britishtelephones.com/vehicles/specialist/020.htm
  3. Pedrocut

    In The Garden 2021

    Sunday Morning.
  4. Pedrocut

    Lake Family. Birmingham City Police Whistle

    Later in 1885 a man is charged with John Gateby’s murder.
  5. Pedrocut

    Lake Family. Birmingham City Police Whistle

    Worcester Chronicle, December 1880.
  6. Pedrocut

    Anyone heard of Helynge Street, Aston

    May well have been also known as Marion Place, mentioned in the Birmingham Daily Post 1890.
  7. Pedrocut

    Does anyone know which street this airplane body is being transported in?

    I thought Midpubs had provided evidence ?
  8. Pedrocut

    Newspapers: Humorous And Interesting Newspaper Stories

    May 1978, Birmingham Post. Bromsgrove Counting House being moved to the Avoncroft Museum.
  9. Pedrocut

    In The Garden 2021

  10. Pedrocut

    Science Museum Newhall Street

    Birmingham Post, May 1978….Steam Age Parade.
  11. Pedrocut

    Dowler Brass Works - Gt. Charles Street

    The Birmingham Daily Post of the Friday 18th March 1870 gives the fire as on Wednesday night. The illustration is from the Illustrated Midland News.
  12. Pedrocut

    Outside Broadcasts

    Post Office Telephones set up sound broadcasts for BBC and ITV.
  13. Pedrocut

    Hawthorn House Handsworth

    April 1955, Birmingham Gazette.
  14. Pedrocut

    Aston Villa history

    Oscar Arce died in 2017.
  15. Pedrocut

    Outside Broadcasts

    Terry Tomas. Tight Lines !
  16. Pedrocut

    Hobbies 2021

    In the second episode the programme follows the design of the Bristol Fighter biplane from WWI. Also a model of Bexhill in the winter of 1940.
  17. Pedrocut

    In The Garden 2021

    A week ago and still going strong…
  18. Pedrocut

    In The Garden 2021

    A tree down the road a week ago, today many of the leaves have fallen.
  19. Pedrocut

    Colourising Home Guard Photo.

    Different eyes see different colours !
  20. Pedrocut

    Hobbies 2021

    Watched the first episode of the Hornby programme and found it very interesting. It followed the design of a die cast metal, limited edition (500,) of the General Steam Navigation (35011), a locomotive of the Merchant Navy class. Also the restoration of that locomotive at Blunsdon in Wiltshire.