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  1. J

    Thunderstorms and opening the back door .

    Many years ago I was visiting someone in Birkenhead. there was a thunderstorm on. She was standing in the bay window and whilst talking pointed towards something she was talking about. At that moment there was a flash of lightening and we saw it hit the end of her finger, travel up her arm and...
  2. J

    In The Garden 2021

    Autumn beauty isn't it. Love to see all the colours changing at this time of the year. We have a number of Acers that are changing now. Janice, we have had the same as you and wife just washed the marks off the kitchen window this morning. It was a drunken pigeon that did it
  3. J

    In The Garden 2021

    Not a plague but lot more than normal in Brownhills
  4. J

    In The Garden 2021

    We had a fox in the garden yesterday, havn't seen one for years though thought there was something around as boxs and heavy ornaments knocked over
  5. J

    In The Garden 2021

    I had also when I started. Mechanics tools, nuts and bolts by the hundred,[ saved in case they came in useful], and also two midi skip loads of timber including oak, walnut, mahogany kept for retirement, and not had chance to use it. Now far too old so away it's gone. Broke my heart
  6. J

    In The Garden 2021

    That seat certainly sets off your man cave. You've done a great job there. Just clearing out my garage and have no end of left over paint but don't have a seat to paint so it will be down to the local tip
  7. J

    Crime and Punishment in Victorian times

    Just thinking of the outcry there would be today at such hard sentences being handed out. Maurice, just read your post #5. Did not realise the Farmers were founder members of Hockley Salvation Army. I knew the Farmer family in 1956 - 58 whilst there and before I went into Salvation Army College
  8. J

    In The Garden 2021

    Yes, congratulations Richard, that looks really lovely. Straight as well and so still complying with EU regulations, haha.
  9. J

    Knocker up

    Great photo. Do we know anything about her? Would she have to get a licence from the council if she did it these days, or even wear a hard hat in case the peas bounced back.
  10. J

    In The Garden 2021

    Decided this year to try propogating Fushsia cutting and train it as a standard. It's still living at the moment. We bought a lovely Clematis last year so perhaps will try that too. Did you get your info from Youtube videos? Which one is best do you think
  11. J

    Windows 10

    Don't know if anyone interested or maybe already have it now, but the new issue of Computer Active out this week has a comprehensive article on the new Windows 11 giving guidance on whether your computer will run it and explains the new tools. I have it delivered but maybe in the shops now
  12. J

    Lewis and Davenport family Erdington

    Love the hats !!!
  13. J

    In The Garden 2021

    Great photos Dave M. If you don't mind me asking, what area do you live? Wish we had a good selection of birds like that. Also, what is the food you put in the feeder?
  14. J

    Birmingham Speedway, Perry Barr

    Only just come across this thread and Oh the memories it brings back. Used to go to every home match way back in 46 - 48 when I went to do National Service. Use to go with my first girl friend so heart racing for two reasons.
  15. J

    Young offenders detention centre

    Welcome Robbie and thanks for your post. As Lynn says it was thought provoking and it is too easy to judge people. After 20 years as a probation officer and 20 years as foster parents I have met many folk that have been misjudged and seen as worthless but deep down are better than those that are...
  16. J

    In The Garden 2021

    Great job you're making of that Kieron, but get that roof on before the rains come. Should be lovely when it's all done. But you're making me jealous thinking of the times I have completed jobs like that in the past, but old age caught up with me and can't do it any longer. In fact just about to...
  17. J


    I don't do face book either, too much rubbish. Love these last few contributions. We are getting some lovely photos of our great grandchildren [twins] born 5th May. Problem is they live away so wont see them for a while yet
  18. J

    In The Garden 2021

    Any experts on bare rooted trees, your help would be much appreciated. Bought three of the miniature fruit trees in February this year, Braeburn apple, Victoria plum and a Conference pear. Panted all the next day in the same patch of ground and watered as necessary. The apple and plum blossomed...
  19. J

    Gaumont cinema

    Didn't go to the Gaumont very often, but my fondest memory is when my wife and I visited Mom & Dad and she asked if we would take them there to see the Sound of Music, think it was 1965, I don't think they ever forgot it. We still love that film.
  20. J

    Prisoners of War WW2 photos

    What a great thread, only just come across it. It was good to see that in most of the photos the guys looked reasonably healthy. More than can be said for those in Japanese Prisoner of war camps. One of our neighbours living at 46 Abbey Road Erdington, think his name was Upton, was in a Japanese...