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  1. Nicholas

    A Darlaston Burial With Handsworth Links? Can Anyone Possibly Shed Some Light, Please?

    An acquaintance has recently (via social media) drawn my attention to a particular grave in 'Owen Memorial Gardens' - situated next to the Asda superstore - in Darlaston, West Midlands. The grave in question is that of Maria Simkin - born in Darlaston in 1816 - who died age 39, on December the...
  2. Nicholas

    Josiah Mason Mausoleum Graveyard

    I've recently been speaking to a gentleman who says that he recalls some form of 'human remains' being discovered in the grounds of the Erdington Orphanage in fairly recent decades..... (Approx. the 1980's or 90's, perhaps?) In short, I was wondering whether anyone on the forum perhaps...
  3. Nicholas

    Rodney Inn, Concert Hall - Refreshments Token - Coleshill Street, Birmingham.

    Just as a matter of potential interest...... but I was metal detecting in South Staffordshire this morning and came across the above mentioned token. Please excuse condition of my photograph, but I took some shots of my general finds quickly and then dumped the token straight into a pot of...
  4. Nicholas

    'days Grave'?? Anyone Ever Heard Of........?

    I've just been having a general 'poke around' on a site listing Birmingham burial grounds and the like and came across a very brief reference to 'Days Grave' which - it is said - was 'marked by Hanson on corner of present Bath Row and Islington Row......' The date 1779 was given with the...
  5. Nicholas

    1812 Birmingham Workhouse Token......

    While metal detecting this morning in South Staffordshire, I unearthed an example of the 1812 Birmingham Workhouse Token (depicted below). Without thinking, I had instantly plunged my example into a tub of olive oil (in order to clean it), on returning home, so I've had to 'borrow' a picture...
  6. Nicholas

    68 Long Acre, Nechells Ann Pinson, midwife

    I was just doing a little reading and discovered a somewhat vague reference to some old, now demolished, properties that lay at a point along the above mentioned thoroughfare. It was stated that, in July 1878, the skeletons of some 11 children were unearthed in the rear garden of one of the...
  7. Nicholas

    St Thomas Bath Row

    Throwing myself on the mercy and kind indulgence of forum users - laugh, laugh!! - I spotted an interesting looking site on a recent journey through Brum. and wondered if anyone could possibly I.D. the place and point me towards something of it's history, perhaps? Basically, it was on the 636...
  8. Nicholas

    British Leyland Factory - Perry Barr?

    On the beg again....... .....but would anyone be able to tell me whereabouts the above factory was situated please? (What part of Perry Barr, etc). Many thanks, Nick
  9. Nicholas

    Roebuck House - West Bromwich?

    Can anyone recall a Roebuck House in West Bromwich, which I believe was (is?) somewhere near the Trinity Way / Kenrick Way area of the town? The property may well have been a pub, though I'm not at all sure(?) Any help / pointers would be greatly appreciated. Regards, Nick
  10. Nicholas

    Pinfield Farm Yardley????

    I'm looking for references to a Pinfield (or possibly Pinfold) Farm in Yardley?? Is the site still extant? Any help greatly appreciated. Regards, Nick www.westmidlandsghostclub.com
  11. Nicholas

    St Margarets Hospital - Great Barr

    I'm currently looking to make contact with anyone who has first-hand experience of the former St Margarets Mental Hospital in Great Barr, either ex-staff members or patients. Predictable as ever, my interest in the site does involve a 'paranormal' related angle - so I just thought I might...
  12. Nicholas

    Hobs Moat - Solihull

    I know it's outside the Brum area, but I was just wondering whether anyone had any details / experience about / of this site...... Pardon me for being oh-so predictable - but I'm mainly interested in any 'peculiar' stories associated with this area??? (I've already checked the net and found...
  13. Nicholas

    Brummie Ghosts

    Hiya All, I've just popped on to the forum (after a considerable break) to see how the thread on 'Birmingham Ghosts' was progressing........ Paranormal happening - or am I just a dozy ding-bat - but it's either vanished, or I just plain cannot locate it now????? In the event that it has...
  14. Nicholas

    Birmingham 'Mailbox' building.....

    Hello All, I'm trying to find out some details regarding the Mailbox in Brum - in particular the section which now houses the BBC Studios..... Can anyone give any pointers / help at all please? Much obliged.... Regards, Nick
  15. Nicholas

    Lucas Branch Works 13 Small Heath (Butlers)

    Hi, I'd very much like to hear from anyone who has any pertinent details surrounding the Lucas Factory in Small Heath please..... Is the factory site still extant? Where was it situated? Anything that may be of interest regarding it's history..... Thanks, Nick www.westmidlandsghostclub.com
  16. Nicholas

    HMS Stirling Training Ship Stechford

    Hi All, I'm currently trying to locate the old HMS Stirling Training Ship which supposedly stood in a Flaxley or Platsley Road in Stechford, Birmingham. The building concerned may well have been demolished some while ago, but my lack of knowledge on the Stechford area is only overshadowed by...