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  1. J

    GI's in WW2

    Hi, I have been told that all GI's had to start their training or something in the UK. Is this true ?
  2. J

    DNA tracing biological father

    Hi, I am looking for advice after DNA results. Seems biological father was an American who must have been here in 1945. I have done quite a bit of research into this family link but not sure what to do now. I thought that maybe someone in the forum may be able to advise on the best course of action.
  3. J

    Price family Smethwick

    Hi I am looking for info on Reginal Price b. 1923 - death 1979. Had brother Raymond b 1921. Father William Price, wife Florence. I have them in 1939 St Georges Lane Smethwick. Florence had a small grocery shop in her front room during the 50-60's. I can't see them after this time. Reginald's...
  4. J

    Need help looking for a family connection

    My GG Grandfather Francis Walls b1820 re-married in 1882 to Sarah Markland b1832 in Birmingham. My problem is finding out that in her will she left to the following people. I cannot find a connection between her and those she named ! I see that [Sandoz Otheneret] lived in the same address 38...
  5. J

    Green William - where was he born?

    Hi, I have purchased 4 birth certs for william green b 1852 - all wrong. His father was Thomas [shoemaker] mother I believe to be hannah pearce. All censuses states william born birmingham, but birmingham registry office can find no record for him with these parents. What area is covered by...
  6. J

    Communication Row 1854

    Have birth cert - think it says 14 communication Row [1854]. Home of Green family. Am I reading the street name correctly? Jean
  7. J

    Temporary infirmary aston

    Hi, My g grandfather died 1915. On death cert it was in the temporary infirmary aston. Does anyone know anything about the infirmary? Jean
  8. J

    Ship passenger list help needed 1840

    Can anyone help with passenger lists to & from USA approx 1839 - 1841 please? I am searching for the Startin family. James,b 1819 Birmingham wife Ann b 1821, Birmingham child Charles b 1839 Birmingham & William b 1840 New York. They are back in Birmingham in the 1841 census. I don't have any...
  9. J

    Coulthard - Brick marriage

    Hi, I am unable to find a marriage between James Coulthard & Hannah Brick about 1850. James was born Lancaster, Hannah Upton-upon-seven Worcester. Hannah Brick is the name I have on daughters birth cert 1858, if it is the correct one that I have!! The family lived in Birmingham from 1861 census...
  10. J

    Thomas Green - Cordwainer - Shoe Maker

    Could some tell me if Thomas Green was listed as a cordwainer - master shoemaker - shoemaker Birmingham. I have this as his occupation between 1851 -1891. Thank you Jean :)
  11. J

    Pulford [Pullford] marriage look up please

    Hi all, I am having problems finding a marriage between Harriot Pulford & william a houston about 1840 suffolk area. Would really appreciated help :) Jean
  12. J

    featherstone mary

    Looking for any info on mary featherstone b 1843 - father thomas featherstone. 2 marriages first one to william?? daffern - 2 children lavina b 1866 birmingham & william h b 1869 wolverhampton. 2nd marriage george hickman 1870 cannot find record of first marriage to daffern or mary on any...
  13. J

    Startin William

    Hi, I need help finding this family prior to 1891. William startin [tube drawer] b 1839 new york widow. William [polisher] b 1876 birmingham, James b 1879 birmingham. Emely C b 1882. address 3 back 6 Hooper street. On James's birth cert his mother is named Emma phillips. I have found a marriage...
  14. J

    GIBLIN Bridget

    Hi, I am looking for help tracking down G G Grandparents Bridget Giblin b abt 1829 Ireland Richard Giblin b abt 1834 Ireland Mary Ann Giblin dau b 1861 birmingham my G grandmother m Aug 1887 Henry Walls Thomas Giblin son b 1865 birmingham I have them in 1871 & 1891 in Pritchett Street. The only...
  15. J

    Anderson - Dundee

    Hi, I have certificate of birth for Robert Syney Anderson b july 10 1913. mother Jeanie Milne Anderson. The birth was registered in the district of St. Mary in burgh of Dundee. Entry No 546. There is an address 5 Long Wynd dundee for the birth. This cannot be the original as there is a date...
  16. J

    Walls family

    Hi, I am looking for the parents of Ellen Cooper b 1916 Birmingham. I think the mother is Ellen Elizabeth Walls b 1894 who was the sister of my grandmother Gertrude May Walls b 1898 Aston, but have been unable to find a marriage between her and a cooper! Ellen Cooper married Christopher Birch...
  17. J

    Houston Family

    Hi, I am trying to trace the Houston Family 1901. I have the address of 72 Ellen Street. I have birth certificate for Robert Henry Houston b Oct 1901 father Robert Arthur Houston [Bill Poster – Journeyman] mother M Houston. Other children they had were, Annie /Pat, b 1890 Harold, Ivy & Ida I...
  18. J

    Startin family

    Hi all, Could someone help me find the christian names of Frances Ann Startin b 1916 - Violet b 1905 - Emily b 1119 also a brother name Ted. All born Brookfields area Birmingham Fathers name could be William Henry. Mother Rudge, thought to be Mary, I seem to come up with Bridget! Father...
  19. J

    Coulthard Sarah Jane

    Sarah Jane Coulthard married my g grandfather William Green june quarter 1884. I am unable to find out anything about her prior to this. Can anyone help please.
  20. J

    FOWKES Edwin Thomas- Smethwick

    Hello Everyone, Can a I am looking for my father Edwin Thomas FOKWES family tree. b 1921 m 1945 d aound 1980's Toolmaker. Father Edwin Thomas FOWKES General labourer. Mother Florence? 6/148 Hingestion Street, Brookfields. Monatgue Road Smethwick are the addresses i have for my grand father...