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    Writing up family history

    Hi Would anyone have any tips please on how to go about writing up family history. I have collected quite a few records from Ancestry but have no idea how to present the information in a way that makes sense. Do I write a page on each person, each family etc. I have no idea where to start...
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    Sawdust dealer

    Hi Would anyone know about Sawdust dealers in Birmingham from 1920's to 1940's please. Best wishes Alison
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    1915 Kelly´s Directory of Birmingham

    Hi I am quite new to using Trade Directories and I'm probably being dim, but I'm not sure why Great Hampton Row would be listed as 151 Constitution Hill or Great King Street as 163 Hockley Hill? Best wishes Alison
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    Dishley baptised twice

    Hi How common would it be to be baptised twice. Once July 1872 second March 1873. The same child and parent names. Same Church. Same area (no specific address given) Same father's occupation. No death recorded for First child of that name.
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    5 Hampton Terrace, Birmingham

    Hi Would anyone know where this was in 1925 please? :)
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    Back to Backs, Courts and Houses and Street Names

    Hi I am trying to locate someone in the census, James Callow, by searching different addresses the person may be in. However I am a bit confused as to how the houses were numbered etc. For instance I am looking for 2 house 16 Great Hampton Street but sometimes the address has been written as...
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    The Genealogist

    Hi Is anyone a member of "The Genealogist"? Does The Genealogist have more records than Ancestry and FMP and how does it differ. My family are predominantly Midlands based so not sure which site might be best for membership. Best wishes Alison
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    Birth Certificate: ‘Occasional Copy: A’

    I wanted to order the following birth certificate: CALLOW, DORIS JOAN GRO Reference: 1929 M Quarter in BIRMINGHAM NORTH Volume 06D Page 813 Occasional Copy: A I don’t understand why it says ‘Occasional Copy: A’ or why the mother’s maiden name is missing please. Also I can't seem...
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    Callow - Cuckoo in the nest.......

    Hi I have a Callow family living at 4 First Row, Talbot Street on the 1861 Census. The thing is if I look for the mothers maiden name for these children it seems to be a variation on the spelling of Peers, Peerss, Pearce. However for Joseph Callow born in 1857, his mother's maiden name seems...
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    Callow James Grenadier Guards New Windsor

    Hi I have found James Callow living at 13 Love Lane, New Windsor on the 1881 census serving as a private in the Grenadier Guards. However on his wedding certificate for June 1881, he and his wife are listed as living in the Infantry Hospital???? Not sure why this would be the case :confused:
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    Callow James

    Hi I have found James Callow living at 2 court 16 Great Hampton Street. But next to his name is +7 Kenyon Terrace, Kenyon Street and +12 Court 16 Great Hampton Street. Although he has lived at the first address he doesn't appear at the other two address. Would anyone know why he could be...
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    Night soil man on 1871 census.

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    Rowley Regis/Blackheath Romanies

    Hi Does anyone know of Gypsies/Romanies living by Blackheath train station 1930s plus and a woman selling second hand clothes between Blackheath and Birmingham? Also a chap called Duckie (Duggie?) Hackett during WW2 please? Cheers Alison
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    House Auctions

    Hi I have found an address for a property, 35 Holly Road, Oldbury, and have found that it was to be sold at auction in 1988 at the Midland Hotel, Birmingham by Dixons. Does anyone know if there is anyway of finding anything out about the property please? Kind regards Alison
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    England & Wales Government Probate Death Index (England & Wales, National Probate Calendar)

    Hi I was thinking of ordering a copy of a record for a family member appearing on the Probate Records mentioned above. If I did would anyone know what I would receive or would it be just the same information that appears in the extract. Thanks for your help. Best wishes Alison
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    'Select' BMD records

    Hi I just wondered if you could help please. Would anyone know what the word 'select' means on some BMD records please such as England, Select Marriages, 1538–1973 Best wishes Alison
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    Callow John Arthur James 1923-1989

    Hi Family legend has it that John Arthur James CALLOW 1923-1989 was a boxer in Birmingham. Would anyone have any information on him or suggest where I might find any information about him please. Kind regards Alison :)
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    William Callow, Green Grocer, 104 Holyhead Road, Handsworth 1910-1920s

    Hi Would anyone have any information about a Green Grocers shop at the above address please. Best wishes Alison