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  1. Arkrite

    Why the Industrial Revolution.

    Available on BBCi player a BBC Radio 4 program. In Our Time, The Industrial Revolution. Melvyn Bragg with other intellectual worthies discuss just why did the Industrial Revolution take off in Britain. Other countries had similar skills and access to materials.Japan was an island nation...
  2. Arkrite

    Redirect Virus.

    I suppose some of you have had one at sometime or other. You type in a search, click a chosen lead then you end up anywhere but your chosen web page. I have found you can pick these little beasties up on the most innocent of sites so everyone is vulnerable. The Google browser is particularly...
  3. Arkrite

    Birmingham, 1818.

    Found this ebook, it is stuffed with all sorts of stuff. Part of the Gutenberg Project which has already been mentioned in this forum. https://www.afamilystory.co.uk/ebooks/description-of-modern-birmingham.aspx The author is Charles PYE.
  4. Arkrite

    HMS Arrest

    I am a member of the WW2talk forum and some one there is trying to find out what happened to cause the deaths of two men. The CWWG headstones state they were killed on 14/6/1943 and the ship is named as HMS Arrest. Rumour has it she was a boom defence vessel at Rosyth. I have spent almost a...
  5. Arkrite

    David Rumsey Historical Map Collection

    This is a huge collection of maps from all over. The quality is amazing even under high magnification, just give it a little time for the picture to resolve itself. Another amazing thing is they are free to copy, so many map sites offer poor resolution because they wish to sell you a copy. I...
  6. Arkrite

    Silly Rhymes.

    We have all had a moment when a less than half remembered memory of an old rhyme or saying from our childhood has driven us half mad trying to remember the rest of it. I discovered this website while hunting down five words or so of a rhyme remembered by a member of another Midlands forum. Its...
  7. Arkrite

    Brides through the years.

    Is there any interest in starting a thread showing Brides, Bridesmaids, Matrons of Honor and maybe the odd Groom ? I have tried a search and nothing came up ( not even in Other Conflicts Thread ) Looking through lynnes old photos it becomes clear that the 1960s were very adventurous in the...
  8. Arkrite

    Halesowen Grammar 1959

    While sorting through my late mrs effects I have found a few photos which may be of interest to the odd forum member. This picture is of a class at Halesowen Grammar school in 1959. By its date I would guess it is the year Marylynne Weston(later married Kenneth Beesley) joined the school after...
  9. Arkrite

    Information on lost WW2 pilot .

    A friend on another forum has asked if further information can be found on the following RAF pilot lost in WW2. Sargent. Arthur Raymond JONES. Service Number. 1056257 124 Squadron ...Spitfires Died 27th July , 1941 when his Spitfire crashed into the sea off the coast of Scotland. Raymond...
  10. Arkrite

    Net Books. Little Marvels .

    I remember saying a few weeks ago that my Mrs was becoming bored with her 17'' HP laptop. She completely surprised me when the 10'' net books became her favoured new toy. Around PC World ,Curry's and the Internet we went eventually settling on an Archo 10' ,1.6 Atom processor, 1gig Ram and a 160...
  11. Arkrite

    Flight Magazine Archive 1909>2005

    For those aviation buffs amongst us this site purports to have almost every edition of the Flight magazine. Historians , modellers ,aircraft nuts and those just generally interested or nosey should find a little gold mine here. https://www.flightglobal.com/pdfarchive/index.html With...