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    Formans Rd, Sparkhill.

    I remember your mom, her name was Dobbin's before she we'd, lived up the long gardens ,as the houses were called.I lived at 139 next to Clayton's fish shop opposite Bromyard Rd.My name is Ken Harris
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    WWII Barrage Balloon Sites

    There was a site at the top of Formans Rd Sparkhill ,it was at the back of the Lucas factory on the edge of the Burgundy brick yard clayhole. I lived in Formans Rd at the time and remember it quite well.
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    Was it the Monday night dance you used to go too in the early Fiffties ?????
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    Bakery shops

    They had a shop in Birmingham indoor market in the Bull Ring, also at West ? Bromwich and Ac ocks Green
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    Bakery shops

    How about Don Millers ??
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    BSA Factory 1940s Onwards

    My dad started nights after ww2 having left Rover,one morning he came home and told my mom that he was leaving, mom asked why ,he told her that they had let the Japan try some new nylon ball bearings in theBSA bikes and that it would not be long before BSA WOULD BE FINNISED and what happened
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    Formans Rd, Sparkhill.

    Any idea the date of the newest picture on this post, my dad was born in Formans in 1908, and myself in 1935 i was wondering if either of us would know ant of the peaple in the picture.
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    Formans Rd, Sparkhill.

    Any idea the year of the newest picture
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    Formans Rd, Sparkhill.

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    Formans Rd, Sparkhill.

    Have you any idea the date of the newer photo ,my dad lived in the road frim1908-1978 and I from 1935-1961,just windering if he or myself would have known any of the people in the picture
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    B'ham Works Amateur Football Association

    When the South Bham Sunday league started you could not play on a Sunday, so they called it the Bham Wednesday league Sunday section to get around the law. About the late 50s i think.
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    Baylis & Wyrley

    My father started his first job there in 1922
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    Rover factories in Birmingham

    The production in the war was switched from cars to aircraft parts.
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    Rover factories in Birmingham

    My dad worked there from 1923 till 1947.during the war he worked on nights,they did 6 nights a week. At a later time they went on to 5 nights with a night on home guard duty.
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    Formans Rd, Sparkhill.

    As i have mentioned before i lived at 139 Formans Rd 1935 till1961 ,i can remember the shop changing owners but would not have remember the name. Mom used to shop at Danns competitor across the road Snapes was the name, he was always good for an extra bit of fruit during the war when ever any...
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    Old street pics..

    Great picture of Temple Row, in April 1951 istarted my first job in the block after leaving school . It was for a firm called E Alec Coleman a firm of estate agents.
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    Stratford Road

    You could buy second hand tennis balls at the shop after Wimbledon finnished at 6d each, they always had a large dump bin of them.